Ebay cheap tests - any good?

Hi ladies, I've ordered some cheap test strips from eBay and just wondered what your experiences of using these is like? I am nearly 7 weeks off the pill but no AF. Got a BFN 1.5 weeks ago but want to test again as I've been having AF like symptoms for about a week but no sign of her yet. Can't really afford to spend ??4+ each time so thought I'd try the cheapies but wasn't sure how reliable they are? Thanks x


  • Hi ck2011,

    I've just bought some from amazon and apparently they're what they use in clinics.(about ??4 for 15)

    I bought both ov sticks and pg sticks because doing a pg test with a ??10 test and getting a BFN is awful, especially when you've just come off the pill and your hormones are all over the place! I got my first AF (after stopping pill) 8 weeks after, it lasted 2 days and was very light, I then went 33 days and it lasted 3 days and was a bit heavier so I bought the ov sticks just so I have some idea of when ovulating and pg sticks so I can do lots of testing without it costing a fortune.If I get a BFP in dec I might then get a CB test just to make sure also they tell how many weeks pg you are.

    going to start testing this week with OV tests so I will let you know how I get on! xx

    good luck xx
  • Hi, I use the OPK cheapies and they work fine, my friend has used the cheap pregnancy tests which she has said are also fine and give you an accurate result image

    Good luck x
  • Thanks girls, was hoping they'd be on the doormat when I got in tonight but alas no, just a red card from the post office so will have to go and pick them up tomorrow! Will prob test tomorrow if still no AF. Not holding out much hope though. x
  • I got 20 for ??1.99 off ebay image
  • I've used ov and pg tests from ebay A LOT, and they've always been great. image
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