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So what can I expect at the doctors?

Hi All,

I'm a newbie to this site!

My husband & I have been trying to get pregnant since the beginning of the year but havent had any luck, so we have decided to make an appointment at the doctor (NHS) to get the ball rolling for tests etc... But I/we have no clue what to expect or what to be prepared for.

Can anyone give us an idea?

Thanks xx


  • Hey PB2010, i think every PCT does things differently, but for us I had blood samples taken on CD3 and CD21 - to check my hormone levels were OK and that I was ovulating. I also was sent for an ultrasound to check my ovaries/womb but I don't think everyone has this done by their GP. They also sent my hubs for a basic sperm analysis at our local hospital.

    We've now found out we have a male infertility problem, so have been referred to a fertility clinic and hubs is having more indepth tests done.

    Hope you're GP is sympathetic (ours wan't at first!) and get you both tested soon, as I know some people have been told they won't do anything until its been 18months-2years and that's just too long and heart-breaking if their is a problem with one of you, which I sincerely hope there's not and its just bad luck x

    Good luck hun and let us know how you get on x
  • Thanks Vickster_77

    It's good to know what to expect and also what to ask for, or at least mention to the doctor.

    I appreciate you responding. I'll make a note of all those things and make sure I double check them with my doctor.

    My poor husband is convinced he is the reason we havent got pregnant yet (not sure why he thinks this, I think he's just stressing about it!!), I'm trying to convince him there is no need to worry until we get more of a clue. So hopefully me having this information will make him feel a bit calmer.


    Hope it all goes well for you and your husband.

  • Hi, my gp was great, she checked my bloods for thyroid problems, urine for infection, swaps for stds and 21day bloods to check I was ovulating after only 3-4 months ttc we fell pg the month later!

    Good luck at your appt xx
  • bennettb2b, wow thats great your docs did all that at 3-4mths ttc.

    I keep thinking and worrying that I cant go until a year and that they wont take it seriously. Thats reassuring to hear.
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