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How long did you wait to try again after miscarriage?

I have just stopped bleeding ( I think ) after my natural miscarriage . It was awful experience as you know I though I was ok and at the 12 week scan I learnt the baby had died at 8 weeks. Took another 3 weeks for my body to miscarry naturally.

I know I am not ready now and plan t get some counselling to help with emotions . i am taking some herbal medicine and eating lots of good things . I am also planning on giving up drinking as still feel guilty that one or two nights of night of binge drinking on our holiday could have caused this . I didn't find out until I was 8 weeks as had irregular periods. came off the pill in October 2010 so I thought we were having problems. Was funny really that I had blood test for pcos when I was pregnant . Was so happy to finally see those two red lines. so cruel when it's taken away from you .

i still so want a family but I am so scared of going through this again. My husband is even more keen to have children sooner than later .

how long did the rest of you wait ? Also any happy endings with anyone who has suffered this and now has baby of their own would be comforting to hear .

thank you and my thoughts are with you too if you are suffering .


  • Hello, so sorry you find yourself here but everyone is so supportive.

    I've had 2 miscarriages. The first one in March, I found out at 9 weeks that baby was only measuring 6 and no heartbeat, I chose to miscarry naturally and it was quite traumatic but my periods returned to normal the next month and we started trying again.

    We fell pregnant again in June but a scan at 10 weeks showed that I had 2 sacs but only yolk sacs in them. This time I couldn't bear to go through everything again so opted for an ERPC, which was less traumatic but my periods are just getting back to normal now.

    I've been offered recurrant miscarriage clinic appointments as i'm 35 but have decided to have one more go and we are ttc again. We have been told that our mc's are probably just bad luck we already have a 2 year old and no problems conceiving. We are ttc no2 again at the moment and although I am terrified of it all happening again, my desire for a 2nd baby outweighs all of that.

    good luck with whatever you decide.

  • Hi I too was pregnant and at the 12 week scan was told that the baby had stopped growing at 7 weeks....I had a natural miscarriage the time of this happening i was sure i didnt want anymore children AS IT WASNT A VERY NICE THING TO GO THROUGH......time went on and we decided to sart trying again imageimage 16months later in november 2011 i was pregnant.... at 6 weeks had severe pain and bleeding and had a scan and it showed that id had a ectpic pregnancy :cry::cry::cry: we can not believe it has happend this way!!

    so at the moment im in a bit of a mess

  • I had a missed miscarriage in May this year. I chose to miscarry naturally but unfortunately I started to lose too much blood and was rushed to hospital. It was traumatic and heartbreaking but my mum said to me that it was never meant to be my baby, my baby is still to come and when it does it will flourish and nothing will be able to break our bond. It made me feel a lot better.

    We started to try again straight away really. There was no real plan to do so I just didn't go back on the pill. It took about 9 weeks for me to get pregnant again and I'm now 18 weeks pregnant and I have definitely got the feeling my mum mentioned.

    I have been through it all and know how hard it is, I was petrified it would happen again and went for an early scan to make sure all was ok. Now I have started to feel little kicks and I know that this is meant to be and what happened before was tragic but always going to happen, nothing could have stopped it so don't think you could have done anything different.

    Focus on a positive future and try to forgive yourself for what happened because it truly wasn't your fault.

    Wishing you lots of happiness and baby joy for your future. Keep smiling xxxx
  • Thank you for that it helps a lot . I wish you all the best for your pregnancy and a king happy healthy life for your family.

    I am so sorry for the losses you have suffered two must be awful know I am scared of it happening again but I Sooo want a family of my own .really hope it happens for all of us when we are tradition try again x
  • I'm really sorry to hear about your loss. Trust me I know what you're going through! I've been married almost 3 yrs now and wanting a baby for a while, but hubby was not ready. We finally decided to start ttc last month and got pregnant right away!! Unfortunately I had a m/c (at 5 weeks) 2 weeks ago and I'm still bummed over it :'( It happened naturally with no complications and I bled for 7 days. We waited for the bleeding to completely stop and started trying again immediately. It is now 14 dpo and I'm having a lot of the same symptoms that i had last time!!! Very sore breasts, frequent need to pee, nausea... It's probably too soon to tell but I'm wondering if we got pregnant again this fast!! Has anyone ever experienced this?
  • so sorry to hear that kitty can't really help with you with symptoms though I did have sore breasts as they were shrinking back to normal size but I am sure it's normal. I must go to doctor for check up as not been since miscarriage. maybe you should;d think about going to , just for peace of mind
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