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Hi ladies, hope you're all well. I've finished work now (I work at a pre-school) and this 2WW is driving me crazy!!!

I even did a PG test this morn (neg) but even if I was PG it was prob too soon to show up! I'm due on this fri(my DS birthday) I did have sore BBS but that seems to have subsided today, does that mean AF is gonna turn up for sure? I'll do another test fri, at least then I'll know whether It's a t total xmas for me or not!!!



  • FC for you lovely, I've got my peak atm on my cnfm and dh is full of cold so it looks like i'll be able to drink this christmas cos he's in no mood for BDing image

    I'll send you my baby dust, it seems to be pretty strong stuff for others! xx
  • Thanks katrob, maybe a bit of BD might cheer your hubby up a bit!!image fc for you too xx
  • Oooo Carioke - I still look out for you. Keeping my fingers firmly crossed that it'll be tee total Xmas for you image

    Best of luck

  • Thanks so much Pomki08, going by intuition I don't it will happen this month! how are you?xx
  • You're not out until AF arrives so please try to keep positive - you never know. I really didn't think we'd done it and we had. Keeping my fingers firmly crossed for you.

    I am OK thanks. 8+2 now. Had an early scan on Sat which was nice. All looks well but I can't wait for the 12 week scan.

    Thanks for asking. Take care

  • how lovely! glad all is ok!! you take care too xx
  • Hi ladies, af arrived yesterday! I didn't think I was PG anyway. cycles are getting shorter and more normal which is good (29 days this time) and will hopefully pick up OV next month.

    Yeh I can have a drink at xmas and not feel guilty!!

    merry xmas ladies xx
  • you sound happy that the witch got you! lol image I'll be drinking this christmas too since we missed OV - gonna have to sit down and talk to OH to see if this is really what he wants since he only seems to want to BD at the completely wrong times of the months! heres to an october baby for us both xx
  • I think I've felt so anxious lately it was nice to be relieved in a way. I was hoping for a BFP but deep down I knew it wasn't going to be this month as symptoms subsided and I didn't fancy trying to keep anything a secret over xmas.

    I felt a little bit like that katrob, thinking hubby was avoiding me at the 'right' time! I think if I asked him he'd say he wasn't bothered about having a child as he has 2 already 16 and 10 so I understand but he knows how much I'd like us to at least have a try!
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