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False positive??

Hi everyone,

I dont post very often on here I am sorry I seem to 'lurk' a lot! But I was hoping for some of you ladies opinions as I have no idea what's going on.

I came off the pill in August and my periods seemed to settle down almost straight away and have been very regular (although I don't know if the pill is maybe still affecting that?)

This month I was due on sat 17th but on the wed and thurs before I had really really light spotting which was brown, I'm so sorry if it's too much information!! It wasn't anything like normal period so I assumed it wasn't that yet tbh i was kind of hoping it was implantation bleeding maybe! If it wasn't my period I'm now 4 days late! I took a couple of tesco tests over the weekend & thought I saw a faint line on one of them but could've just been wishful thinking image

Anyway I did a clearblue digital test on Monday which said clearly 'pregnant 1-2'!! I couldn't believe it & ran to show my husband straight away, we were over the moon! But I did another clearblue digital yesterday morning which said not pregnant and have done two normal tests since which were both negative so now have no idea what's going on :? image

I've been to the drs who basically told me to just wait and see and test in another week but I'm so confused and hate not knowing. Could I be pregnant? Has anyone else ever had a false positive with a clearblue digital??? Thanks so much, sorry this is so long!


  • That sounds really confusing for you! I'd have said you must be if you got a positive but then you've had neg since!!!

    I thought if it said pregnant then you are, so don't understand what's happened.

    I think you're just going to have to be patient on this one.

    FC for you xx
  • hi hun

    just had to say i did a clear blue test 2weeks ago and it came up 1-2 weeks the next day i did the other one it came up neg,i just assumed i was pregnant anyway,i left it a few days and did a tesco digital that came up pregnant and so did the other 10,i got abit obsessed.and im still pregnant.if AF hasnt arrived then id say there is a gud chance u r.i so hope u r.

    regards natty
  • It could be the strength of the tests. For instance if a test says it detects 25miu, then that is the weakest it will actually be. So you could take (for instance) a CB and get a BFP, and that particular test is actually stronger than it advertises itself (for arguments sake it detects 15miu when it advertises at 25miu), then the next day you could take another CB test, from a different batch, and you get a BFN because it advertises itself as 25miu and it actually only detects 25miu

    Does that make any sense?

    Good luck xx
  • Thanks everyone, I think we will just have to play the waiting game it's just so horrible not knowing as we want it so much, we were so happy Monday!

    That does make sense KimmyS84, thanks a lot image I really hope that one was right, am just so confused now, must try to resist testing every 2 mins lol!!

    Thanks a lot for your kind words, fingers crossed!!

  • Hi Becks1234,

    I know what you been about testing ten times, I did it with my DC, but still wasn't sure so went to a walkin clinic and a lovely nurse did the test for me and confirmed it to me. I wish you all the best my dear and fingers crossed that you have your little bean inside you.
  • Thanks for your replies I really appreciate that!

    Unfortunately AF arrived yesterday was absolutely gutted image I think I would rather have had negatives on the tests as me & my husband really got our hopes up this time especially with the clear as day "pregnant ", I won't be using clearblue digital again!! image

  • hi becks

    just read this thread and wanted to say how sorry i am. a faint line on a normal pregnancy test which turns out to a bfn does happen occasionally, but ive never heard of it on the digital tests. I too would have 100% felt sure i was pregnant, can't imagine the disappointment of having negatives and AF after that, especially with it being christmas too image

    i know this probably wont make you feel much better but CBDs are actually not that sensitive so sounds like your body was releasing some hcg, which must mean conception had taken place but was probably a chemical pregnancy where it didnt implant properly.

    so sorry hun, but swimmers sound like they're hitting the egg, so have a merry christmas drinking what you like and then hopefully a new year baby xx
  • sorry to here af arrived becks! mine came tuesday so we will both be able to have a tipple xmas day!!xx
  • I'm sorry Becks that's a horrible thing to happen, worse than just getting bfn's.xx
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