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How do you create the tracker on the signature

hey peeps - just a quick one. How do you add the tracker thingy at the bottom of your signature please?? Really want to add one, but have no idea how!! Many thanks!!!


  • Hi,

    If you register with (or an alternative tracker website)you can then create your tracker and at the end it will give you the option to copy a code to paste on your forum...I think its the one named "PseudoHTML, UBBCode and BB Code" that you need and copy the code.

    Then if you go into your profile page and paste the code under the section named "profile signature" (funnily enough lol).

    Hope that helps image
  • G/C, sorry, but I can't get one to work to save my life!!! I'd really like one now!
  • Don't apologise for gatecrashing windy lol.

    Do my instructions not work?? Will try and work it out tomorrow, you've gotta have a tickerimage xx
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