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update from me - had op at St Marys

As some of you know, I was referred to St Mary's Recurrent mc clinic in London because I had 3 mcs since July 2010. I went in for a hyscopy and a laproscopy (sp) on Monday 19th December, and they did identify I had a sepatate uterus right enough. (had previously been told following many scans in the past it was bicornate). So they have removed the septum part of the uterus (bit like a curtain hanging down the uterus - which causes mc if the baby implants there), have got 2 coils fitted and am on HRT for 28 days. I go back on the 31st January to get coils out and hey prestro I can hopefully start TTC again, and won't have any problems with my cycle. Also got to go back to ST Marys for blood results on the 10th January. I am now quite optimistic that things will work for me this time and cant wait to TTC again and hopefully get my bfp soon.


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