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Never give up

Hi ladies.

Some of you may remember me but I wanted to post to say....never give up trying...all good things come to those who wait. I know it doesnt feel like it at the time, believe me these last 2 and a half years have been so hard at times but I am pleased to say we got our little bundle in the end.

I had two recurrent miscarriages - the first naturally in Jan 2010 at about 5/6 weeks and the second in July 2010. I had a small bleed two days before my 12 week scan to find out baby had died at 9 1/2 weeks. To say we were gutted is an ladies know how it feels and some days you feel as though you can never get through it. Dont get me wrong you never forget but simply learn to live with it.

I then fell pregnant in Feb this year and gave birth to our simply gorgeous baby boy Joe Marcus on 21t November....our little third time lucky miracle and he is so very worth the heartache and long journey we took to get him.

Ihope my story gives some of you ladies hope and never give up.

my little boy is 5 weeks old today and I could not be happier.

love to you all



hopefully there is a pix below


  • Congratulations joy....lovely to hear from you pet. Thanks for your very positive post, your little boy is beautiful. Well done you!!! Wishing you a wonderful2012. Love Tracy xxx
  • congratulations so pleased for you so deserving too glad you finally got your little boy . Nice to hear a success story. It is so hard when you only hear about the women who blink and get pregnant. Wish there were more stories like this to give us all hope xx
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