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Here's hoping 2012 is our year

Hi all

I've been away for a while, but it's been great to come back to so many bfps! Congratulations!

We're moving into month 3 of ttc now. Just ended a 51 day cycle with af choosing boxing day to finally show up! My previous one was 35 days and that was my first one off the pill so we will see what this one brings.

Any idea of when in January would be my most fertile time as I had such a long cycle last time?

Thanks and good luck too all!

Gem xxx


  • get yourself a CBFM, it will be crystal clear then and you won't wait around wondering. I got one and started to use it on the 3rd cycle after coming off the pill and my ov was detected pretty quickly. my cycles have regulated again now, averaging at 25 days so fc yours do too. I know they're pricey, but you can get em on ebay for much cheaper - i did. FC and I send you lots of baby dust for 2012 xxx
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