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I've been away a while...

Hi ladies, I'm really excited to be ttc again!

A little back ground, hubby and I started ttc June 2010, after a year of no joy we saw the GP. Turned out I've got hyperthyroidism and was told to stop ttc immediately.

Anyway, lots of blood tests and medication later my thyroid hormones are in the normal range and today the Endocrinologist said we could start ttc again! Woo hoo.

I know it won't happen quickly and I'll probably need to see the Gynaecologists but its a start...

I'm cd 17 so worth a shot this month, right!?

Just wanted to say hi to everyone!



  • Hi Vass

    Glad all is ok and you can give ttc another go.

    cd17...definatley worth a shot!

  • I replied on chartstalkers but thought I'd reply on here as well and give you a BIG HELLO!!!! imageimageimage

    Good to see you back and everything's well with you

  • Hi Sian, Hi Andi

    Thanks for your posts!

    It's only just occurred to me I need to dig out the old folic acid!!

  • Hi vass, welcome back and good luck. Def worth a shot at vs17. Do you know when u ovulated? X
  • Hi Blue_xStarx, thanks.

    Not exactly, but its always been between cd13 and 18 when I was charting. I had the old faithful ewcm around cd12 so assume it was a few days after that.

    But we'd been "being careful" until Tuesday so we'll start next month I guess.

    What's happening with you?

  • Yes Vass you defo need to dig out that folic acid haha! xx
  • Ha ha, just bought some new!

  • Nikki! How are you doing!?

    Can't believe your little ones are due in March already. So exciting.

    Sorry I didn't hear all about it as you went but how's the pregnancy been? How are you feeling about the birth?

    I just tried to boot up the old cbfm only to find the batteries dead!

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