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Clear Blue Fertility Monitor

Hello ladies I am sure we are not supposed to sell things on here, however last month I ordered a new in box Clear Blue Fertility Monitor and 20 sticks and got my BFP before I was able to begin using it. I will be putting it on ebay under my chat name in here if anyone is interested.x


  • hi apricot moon,how are you? I just had a look on ebay but couldn't find it! do you think it helped you get your BFP? how does it work? not sure where to go from here; on to month 5 now, (age 40 in may) and not sure whether to just let nature take it's course or try the monitor! xx
  • Hi Carioke,

    I have been reading up on them and thinking of buying one myself as I'm 38 and wanted to see how my cycle works after many years on Microgynon.

    If you go on the clearblue website there's lots of info how it works. Its a small machine, you programme in day 1 of your cycle and it asks you when to do tests using sample sticks from what i've read (similar to single use sticks). You do readings on the days it asks and it can show you days before and after that will be good ones to BD.

    Hope that helps and good luck! image

  • Hello Carioke I havent actually got it on ebay yet, hope to this weekend. Also I never got to use it as it arrived after my last af started and then is when you start the machine so I was waiting for my next one which never came as I got my bfp. Also I am 38 and wanted all the help I could get as was aware time was moving on for me.xx
  • Hi apricotmoon, I see,the machine needs using from cd1. I've just ordered some more OV sticks; not had any luck before but think I must OV late in my cycle and I ran out at CD 19 last month! how are you feeling?xx
  • I am feeling great thanks, just dog tired which is hard with an almost 1 year old. I didn't get sick at all last time so don't expect to this time either. But regardless it doesn't matter as we are so happy to be expecting so nothing else matters. Hope you get yours soon.x
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