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Fell down the sties not good

Well last Thursday got half way then fell the reast of the way on me bum all I could think was thank god I put Jacob in the cot first didn't think nothing of it but Saturday came and I couldn't sit down and then when I stand up I'm in agoney .

The thing is it's not good when your trying to make a baby and you don't want your other half any were near you lol some how don't think it's gonna happen this month


  • Oh jay I'm sorry you hurt yourself. You sound in pain. Is there any way you can adjust you bd position so it doesn't hurt? X x
  • Don't know blue-xstarex gonna try and see what happens tonight this could be painfull hopfully if I take enufe pain killers it might ease it. X
  • Oh hun sorry to hear this, maybe worth a trip to the doc just to get the once over and make sure you havent done yourself any serious harm!? xx
  • Well after a lot of Paine killers we finley managed to bed god the things you do for ttc. X
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