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Ovulate from same ovary for 3 months in a row?

Hi ladies, I was just wondering what your experiences are in terms of ovulating from alternate ovaries each month? Cycles 1 and 2 I am sure I ovulated from my left ovary as I had quite bad pain on that side both times. I am now CD9 of cycle 3 and am starting to have twinges on the left again and had EWCM today. Could there be something wrong with my right ovary that I seem to be ovulating from the left each time or can this happen several times in a row and then switch back again?


  • Hi,

    On average I ovulate from the right for 5/6 months in a row then from the left for 1 and back to the right again. I read somewhere that it does not necessarily alternate, it's more like a race, which ovary matures the egg 1st. Also read that if there is a problem with one, the other will compensate so does not affect your chances. Obviously this is all google research so don't know if it's 100% fact!
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