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AF ........


  • Oh no....i'm so sorry to hear that.......
  • Its ok hun i was pretty much expecting it. Gutted all the same imageimageimage i just dont know why its not working ...oh well in to month 4 xxx
  • Hi

    Am really sorry that you are feeling sad. It's really disappointing when thaty happens, especially if your body has been playing tricks. However on the postive side you have another month of bding which isn't a bad thing image plus every time I get my af my husband treats me to a chinese so you oculd try and give yourself a special treat to cheer yourself up x
  • Oh no! That is rotten!

    I will cross my fingers for you for next month- I have a good feeling!xx
  • I agree, it's good to have something lined up to make yourself feel a bit better if you get your AF. I like the idea of a Chinese!

    We are going away for 2 nights to a lovely hotel and spa the second weekend in Feb, and so as much as I desperately want to have a BFP this month, if I don't, I will use all the lovely spa facilities (which I won't be able to if I'm pregnant).

    I think that if it's a BFN this month, I will plan something exciting for just after my next testing time, so I have something nice if I get a BFN again next month.

    It's still hard, but at least we can get a nice treat.
  • Oh- and i just realised that I would be due to OV about 4 days after our stay at the lovely hotel, so we could be properly trying over that weekend and you never know! That would be a nice way to conceive!
  • Me too image I was half expecting it too as i've had period pains for the last few days, but you can't help but still be bitterly disappointed.

    I'm onto month 4 now too, fingers crossed that this is our month! xx
  • I know how your feeling, just got mine 2 nd was positive I was this time, bloody stupid body!!!! image
  • You girls are all so lovely , thank u so much for responding it really helps . Im feeling much better now.

    Emily -thats a fab idea about chinese i ll defo try that with dh .

    Mojacobs - we are alsi going to a hotel spa break either next weekend or one after , if we can book that quickly. Dh bought it for my birthday last yr and not got round to using as i was also worried about not neing able to use facilities but as af got me we decided to try m book it hopefully valentines weekend which coincides ( hopefully ) with ovulation !!!!

    Wish me luck !!!!

    Baby dust to you all xxxc
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