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TTC and weight?

Hi all,

I got af yesterday image which obviously means that i'm out of the running for this month. Very sad, but trying not to be too disappointed and going to focus on next month instead! Anyway, based on the fact that I am quite young (25), and the fact that my Mum concieved both me and my brother in the first month of trying, I perhaps naively believed that I would be pregnant by now, but I am now entering month four, so I wondered if I could ask you ladies a personal question?

I am wondering whether my weight is an issue, and is what is stopping me conceiving? When I got married in August, I was at the lowest weight i've been for a long time, but was still probably about half a stone over weight and a size 12. Anyway, since then i've put on quite a bit of weight, so am now probably about 2 and a half stone over weight and am a size 16. (I think i've really let myself go since the wedding, god knows what my dress would look like if I tried it on now!!)

Anyway, I just wondered if you guys would just let me know how long it has taken to conceive, and whether you are normal weight/overweight etc?

Sorry to be personal, I just want to know whether it's worth taking myself out of the TTC running for a while, in a bid to loose the excess weight i'm carrying? I'm desperate to do whatever I need to do as long as it helps get my beautiful baby!

Please don't be afraid of offending me, I really won't be upset if you say 'Get on the treadmill fatty and stop trying!' I just need advice!! HELP!



  • Hi CM87 when I got pregnant i was a size 20 how I manged that I don't know but they say if you lose a little that some times you can catch but at the end of the day i think if it was ment to happen then it will. Good luck. Xxx
  • I think it does help if you are within a healthy weight and if u do go on a bit of a diet eating lots of fruit and veggies it will help your body build up vitamins and iron to sustain pregnancy. However i wouldn't worry too much that your weight is a prob cos i was a 14 -16and a little overweight for my height when i conceiveed dd first month. Im now a size twelve and ideal weight but we are on month six of ttc!
  • Hi. Ask away- we all get so personal here- this place is a lifeline. For the record I dont think size matters at all.

    I am now into cycle 17 of TTC and it looks like it's the treatment route for us now image . According to the 'BMI calculator' (*in a sarcastic tone of voice image) I am a teensy bit into 'overweight' (despite being average height and a dress size 12) but my GP has said I am NOT at all overweight and has told me not to diet because I am just fine.

    On the other hand my friend conceived on only her 4th cycle of TTC and her GP had told her she was totally obese and to lose weight immediately if she wanted to conceive. She is in fairness, quite a shapely lady but had no problems whatsoever. Her doctor is a nit-wit in my opinion and an incredibly rude nit-wit at that.TBH I think the BMI business is a pile of poo.

    Also very interesting is that I don't drink much, have never smoked as much a one puff of a cigarette (nor anything else now I come to think of it) and have never even thought for one minute about touching drugs with a barge pole. Many of my friends have indulged in various combinations of all three and all have BFPs/ babies. Don't let what you read get to you- most of it is rubbish

    Lots of luck to you xXx.
  • I was going to post similar as i have been wondering if its my weight that was affecting ttc but saying that i conceived dd first month at 5.4" and 13 stone ! Got af today so will be going into month 4 of ttc , i am planning to lose what i can over next couple of weeks before bd ing n ov begin again !!

  • I am of mixed opinion on this and hopefully when I get my BFP I can decide which of the fence I sit on!

    When we were ttc our dd, I was overweight (between about 15-16st) I did diet during this time (took us 18 mths) and at my booking in app I was 15st.

    I have since lost 3 stone (although seem to be gaining at the moment) and only on our 1st month but pretty sure I'm not pregnant.

    I have no idea if losing even just that stone or so was 'enough' for me to fall pregnant, I have no idea.

    I really think it varies from person to person tbh, with some people yes it prob does make a difference, but with others it prob doesn't.

    I would carry on ttc and just try and adopt a healthier eating plan as that will all help in the long term.

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