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help on when and how often to dtd !!!!

Af got me today and i was gutted but ive just been looking back at rhis month and think it maybe that we dtd too much !!!!

It was our first month using opks , got strong lines in cd14 and cd15 but we dtd on cd 6 then everyday from cd9 to cd16 and twice on cd15 !!!

Ive since heard n read it makes sperm weaker so im wondering if thats where we went wrong.

Anyway i am planning for feb already , we are going to do opks and dtd less but more near ov time if that mskes sense. Advice needed as yo best way ....evefy other day or more or less ??



  • Hia I have also heard the same I'm going to try dtd every other day. X
  • I have heard that bd every day can make the sperm weaker. I think it's best to do it every 2-3 days through out your cycle. I have never tried the ovulation tests. With my first pregnancy we didn't fall the first month but on the 2nd month we bd every other day for about 2 weeks as soon as i finished my af plus we used this lubricant from Boots that's suppose to help the sperm along and I fell pregnant.

    I'll be buying some of that this month! Good luck
  • We were guessing for a while when ov was happening and obviously we were wrong. I got some eBay ov tests and took one every day. When they came up positive we did it twice each day for the three days around that time and I've just had my bfp. Good luck! X
  • hi hun, we generally dtd everyother day throughout, then everyday from 2days before ov till about 2 days after ov.

    But we havent had our bfp yet.
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