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Happy and Sad all at once XX

Just found out one of my close friends is pregnant, added to the early (37 wks) birth of my best friends baby this week i am feeling very happy for them but sad that its not happening for us image((((((((((((( I know thats awful but I just can't help it, ive had a rubbish weekend, af arriving today and dd playing up because shes tired, its been too much for me , crying now with a glass of wine whilst making sunday dinner!!!!!!!and due at work at 6pm ....image(((



  • af yesterday not today xx
  • Hi, I feel the same. My best friend has just told us she's 12 weeks pregnant with her second and has asked us to be godparents. We're so pleased for her but at the same time I'm sad its not us yet. How long have you been ttc? Its been 4 months for us which I know isn't long but it feels forever already. x
  • Hi ck2011

    I know how you feel, strange isnt it .

    We ve been ttc 3 months , so its onto month 4 now .

    Fc for u xxx
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