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extremely broody

Hi All

is more than 4 children too many?! I would love another, but scared of what people (boss, mum in law) etc will say. Where do you stop, cos I thought 4 was enough! Any advice would be appreciated, thanks


  • It's entirely up to you how big your family becomes, don't worry about what other people think it's none of their business! xx
  • Sian is totally right I want 3 at min!!!

    I don't care what other people think, as long as u can afford too and want too why not!!!

    I want a big family and can't wait!

    X x
  • I'd love 4 children! be happy with 1 at the mo image go for it, just give it lots of love so they are all happy - that's more important than the money side x
  • Thanks ladies. It is only mine and hubbys business, so not thinking about what everyone else says! Had a chat with hubby tonight and he seems as keen as me, so now excited and scared!
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