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5 days late and BFN???

Hi ladies,

Looking for advice...AF was due last Tuesday and still hasn't arrived? I did a test Thursday night BFN and again Friday morning BFN??? Really confused as to what is going on? I have had cramping, tiredness and heavy boobs since around 12th of Jan straight after I supposedly ov'd, the same symptoms as I had with DD.

I thinky body is playing some cruel trick on me image

Anyone any experience/advice??

Joanna x


  • Hello.

    I had this happen a few months ago, and there were about 5 of us here who had the same thing at the same time.

    In my case, it was just a missed period, cruel nasty trick by my body, but at least one of the girls was pg.

    I did LOADS of tests, thankfully I had a stash of ebay cheapies, but they were all -ve. I gave up testing after a couple of weeks, and nasty cow af arrived exactly one month late.

    Hopefully you're not the same as me, but you're pg.

    Fingers crossed. xx
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