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Weight loss thread?

Morning ladies, apologies for not being on much this week - tried to not obsess too much and been really busy at work......AF arrived this morning :cry:

I've put on about a stone since December and am feeling really rubbish for it, does anyone want to join me on this weight loss thread?

We could all support each other? image



  • Hi Tinkerbell,

    Sorry to hear you got your AF image I got mine on Friday, and it's so gutting.

    I am so up for this weight loss thread, what a good idea!

    I was doing really well today, I had soup for lunch and lots of water, and didn't snack all day...but then I got home and my husband had made pie and mash for dinner! Him cooking is a bit of a rarity, so I felt I couldn't really say no!

    However, I have enrolled in a Zumba class, and am starting tomorrow, whoop! Might even enrol on a Pilates course next week too!

  • Wooooo I LOVE zumba! its so much fun. I normally go on a tuesday night too, although wont fancy with with AF here but I always feel better afterwards.

    I haven't been great today as my LO has been full on terrible 2's so eaten quite a bit of chocolate but tomorrow is a new day! I feel so crap for carrying this extra weight though so am desperate to shift it.

    Sorry to hear AF got you too image

  • Ah I know how you feel, i've put on so much since my wedding in August! I feel horrid. Still, I am currently planning a family holiday, and i'm hoping that the fear of spending a week in the sun with my brothers stunning size 8 girlfriend will be enough of an incentive to make me want to lose the weight so that I don't look TOO bad next to her!!

    Ah don't worry about the chocolate, as you say, tomorrow is a new day! I've never experienced the terrible two's first hand, as i've not got any LO's yet, but I am sure that chocolate is a very good way to deal with it!

    Good luck for tomorrow, I shall let you know how my first experience at Zumba goes! xx
  • Hi can I join, next week though. It's my birthday next week so will be really good until then but as I won't have a bfp by then I intend on indulging in all things forbidden! X
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