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who would recommend using CBFM?

we are TTC number 2 and it took us 2 years to conceive our DS so wanted to see if these were any good?

Not something I would just take a punt on as they are quite pricey! xx


  • Hey, just wanted to say I used one whilst ttc baby no 2, he's 9 months now. Highly recommend one it worked 1st month for us, we had been trying 3 months before I bought one, take a look on eBay had mine for ??30 on there.

    Mines packed away safely till end of year, fingers crossed I get to use it again.

    Best of luck, hope u get your bfp really soon x
  • I'd be keen to hear what people think about the CBFM as I am also thinking about buying one (but like you say, they are VERY expensive.

    So, I gather you also have to buy the sticks as well as the monitor. How many sticks do you need to buy, and doesn it depend on the length of your cycle?

    Expensive, but well worth it if it works......has anyone else got any tips/advice for us please???
  • i'm on my fourth cycle with it and it is the most accurate thing you can possibly imagine. my problem is DH always seems to be ill around OV and i keep missing it, and that is the most upsetting feeling imagineable - knowing that you missed the chance. it's like AF twice! gutted now cos OV is in the next few days and he's currently out buying cold and flu stuff cos he's starting to feel ill again. not looking forward to the next few days. FC he's ok for some BDing soon!
  • The number of tests depends how long your cycle is, either need 10 or 20 tests per month. I think if I remember correctly it takes more test sticks the first month but remembers your cycle so may ask for less next month

    Good luck everyone x
  • Hi. I have one and I initially thought it was great but now I'm not so sure. We started TTc in October 2010. In June 2011 we bought a CBFM. I liked the way it was much simpler and more decisive than OPKs. We still haven't got a BFP and we are under the hospital as unexplained infertility at the moment.The bottom line is that it won't guarantee anything and can't create a miracle (more is the pity image)

    I would say the CBFM helps you to understand your cycle better. Mine showed me that I ov betweeen CD 15 and 21 with a lp of 14 days. I started temping which confirmed what the CBFM showed me but now I know this information I don't use the monitor any more.

    I have read that your temperature is the only way (other than blood tests) of showing that you actually released an egg because urine based tests can only prove a surge (and that ov is about to happen) but not that there was definitely an egg present. I don't know how true this is.

    They are pricey and on the whole I don't think I would bother. I'd just get a BBT. xXx
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