Pregnacare Conception

anyone take this?

I've just sent hubby to shops for some and they cost ??8!!! for 30 - they are meant to have vital vitamins for ovaries and for maintaining a healthy pregnancy early on?

thanks xx


  • I took them and they did the job for us first time of askin so although pricey ive no complaints xx
  • thanks MrsH2009 !

    that's great news, hoping to catch again real soon xxxxx
  • I use them but get them off amazon or boots when 3 for 2 is on x x
  • I bought these Boots ones as I looked at the ingredients and they were very similar. They are much cheaper and on 3 for 2. The lady in Boots also suggested hubby takes Zinc as it is good for the little swimmers!

  • I have been trying since a mmc in april last year took pregnacare conception through december got my bfp in Jan and am now 7 weeks and 4 days pregnant! xx
  • Right, i'm getting myself some of these!!
  • fab reviews! just took my first one! xx
  • I'll be pregnant by the morning! Ha!

    If only we could take a pill, if it was that easy lol!

    but then we miss all the fun of trying!image xx
  • I started taking them at the start of December last year and on 25th December I found out I was pregnant so they get rave reviews from me! Worth every penny if it helps you get pregnant I think, you can then move onto the pregnacare for pregnant ladies once you are pregnant so it is an easy transition. I ended up having to continue with my conception ones for a week or so as I fell pregnant before I finished my pack image
  • Just to add i had bought on a 3 for 2 and cos i fell pg straight away i asked mw and she said fine to carry on taking them so i took themtil i ran out then switched to the pregnancy ones x
  • ooo now that's fast.. my friend who i was chatting to today says she took them for 3 weeks and got pregnant! xx
  • I have been taking them for 4 months now. I haven't got my bfp yet, but then I've had really irregular cycles since coming off bcp. I will say though that I have been in very good health while taking these. No colds or anything (touch woood!)Good luck! xx
  • hey image

    this is my first time posting on here image my names Courtney & I've been trying for a baby after my miscarriage 2 years ago & nothing has happened image I read reviews on Pregnacare & I started taking them 2 weeks ago so I'm keeping my fingers crossed they work for me!! image does anyone know of anyone who's taken them & fell pregnant?

  • Been taking them for 5 months and still ttc. Just switched to boots as they are cheaper and dont overload on the B vitamins as much as prgnacare (i read too much Vitamin b can actually reduce yourfertility)
  • i took them on the month i got my bfp back in may. unfortunately went on to have a mmc at 16 weeks but now we are trying again first thing i decided to do was start the pregnacare again image definitely worth while x

  • I have just ordered some of these after reading the reviews as me & my partner at trying for a baby and I just wondered how long it takes to conceive on these if anybody knows?
  • I think I'll be getting some of these too, they sound great.  Watch this space! image

  • Hi Ladies i just got them from Boots ,yesterday i took the first pill i hope it's going to work .Wish me luck image

  • these sound great! i might have to go buy some image
  • Hi all this is my first month on Pregnacare, and my AF is due in four days im hoping it does not show as we have been ttc for two years.this month is very different before my AF as i have very tender nipples im just hoping this is a good too worried to take a test as im so tired of being dissappoint so my fingers are crossed for the next four days a my bday is on sunday this would really be the best bday and early Xmas gift for my hubby and I.All the best ladies and i'm hoping we all get our BFP soon!!image

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