The 2ww

Who's with me?

eek image

im only 1dpo so along way to go.



  • Hey TallGirl, I'm with you, just a day or two ahead.

    I'm not holding out any hope this month, but I want it so badly!

    Do you have any distractions planned to get you through the 2ww?

    Vass x
  • Hey, I'm in the 2ww too.

    AF is due on 28th of Feb, but probably won't test until 1st March... That is if AF doesn't show up.

  • Hey Girls

    Exciting times image

    no planned distractions but my 2yr old daughter will keep me busy!image doesn't stop me constantly thinking about if we did enough and symptom spotting already haha

    How about you girls any symptoms yet?
  • I'm in the 2ww too!

    So far today I have convinced myself of the following.... sickness, bleeding gums, tiredness, stomach ache, unrecognisable stomach twinges and backache.

    This would be promising, if I hadn't convinced myself in vain of exactly the same symptoms for the last 5 months!!
  • Only symptom I seem to be getting is being tired all the time. But that could be anything really.

    I think we've missed it this month, we were trying OPKs for the first time and never got a positive! Wasn't impressed. :lol:

    What about you? Any symptoms?

  • i'm in 2WW! 2DPO today and AF due ~6th March.

    This is my first month using OPKs and got a positive on both CD15&16 with CD17 negative.

    I'm trying to be calm and not continually ss! Last month I was convinced :roll:
  • Hey all...

    Im not convinced with my symptoms. Spots, the odd ache and pain, tiredness, more hungry. im only 3dpo (i think ), with my dd i had implantation spotting on 5dpo so as of tomorrow onwards i will be cm/spotting watching. :roll: imageops:

    Keep us posted xx
  • I'm giving up ss, (well I'm going to try!) some of the possible "symptoms" I have Googled in the past were ridiculous! And none of them ever turned out to be pregnancy symptoms.

    I read something interesting the other day, called the pink timeline. It was all about what happens in the 2ww at different stages, so implantation happens between 5 and 7 dpo, then the pregnancy hormone starts to be produced. So I guess before about 7 dpo you won't have any symptoms. At least that cuts the crazy ss down to 1 week!

    Vass x
  • I'm 10dpo today and did a cheapie test. At first glance it looked negetive. I looked even closer, held it right up to my face and thought I could see a tiny hint of a line. I'm trying so hard not to get my hopes up because I was probably just imagining it. I'm thinking I'll do a CB digital on Sunday as OH will be home. AF is due Tuesday. Really hope we've caught this month otherwise we may have to wait until after we're married!

  • Oh thanks for the info Vass! image just had a look at the pink timeline very interesting 8) so now i won't start ss till Monday onward haha

    Oh fingers crossed for you Sammy! keep us posted.

  • Hi all.

    Any news?

    I started spotting yesterday at 6dpo. Got a bit excited thinking it could be implantation! it was only a small amount on the tissue but it was red and last time with my dd it was brown spotting. This morning there was much more red blood (sorry TMI) but as the day has gone on it has trailed off. i think my body is playing tricks on me and af is going to start in the next day or two image

  • Hey girls can I join in?

    I'm 1dpo! It's going to be a loooong 2 weeks lol.

    Tall girlx that sounds very positive I think implantation can be brown, pink or red (or so I've previously read) fc it is

    Now off to read the pink timeline

  • Hey Jessiepud

    Of course you can join image I really want it to be implantation but im not holding out hope. Im bloated, cramping and craving sugar which i get before af arrives image

  • Tall girl how long are your cycles and lp usually? Got my fc for you that it is implantation. Xxx
  • Ooo! Keeping my fingers crossed that it's implantation!

    I took a CB digital yesterday morning and got a BFN. image So it's on to next cycle for us! AF due tomorrow.

  • It's my 25th Birthday tomorrow, and I am due my AF on Wednesday.....REALLY hoping for a BFP tomorrow, it would be the best birthday present EVER! I really don't think it's going to happen though, pretty sure it will be on to month 6 for us image

    Still....fingers crossed for now!
  • Hi ladies, AF is due on the 5th and I really hope she stays away otherwise its month 7 for us. Come on little bean! x
  • 9 days down, 5 to go...

    Does anyone else find week days the hardest? I can go all weekend without thinking about the 2ww but Monday to Friday I can't think about anything else.

    Just planned our June long weekend over the bank holidays, so something to look forward if the witch turns up this weekend...

    How is everyone doing??

    Vass x
  • Hi Ladies image

    Can I join? I'm already driving myself mad this 2ww!

    Vass I definaitely find work days the worst, if I am at home I can distract myself but at work I have no chance of not thinking about it!

    Tallgirl I hope its not af.

    Sammyham sorry about the bfn.

    CM87 Happy Birthday! Hope you got the best present!

    Joey good luck hun.

    I'm due af on Sun/Mon, up until yesterday I was feeling secretly confident but I don't know now!

  • Hey everyone.

    Still spotting today but has now turned brown (sorry TMI) will have to wait and see.

    Jessiepud- haven't really tracked my LP this time round but going by last time i was ttc it was only 10 days, i have been taking vit b6 as it is ment to help lengthen the LP so i think if af is not here Thursday when i am 10dpo i will do a test... eek.

    SammyHam- sorry to hear its BFN. Hope you're ok.

    CM87- Happy Birthday.... any news?

    Joey- fingers crossed for the 5th.

    Vass- im constantly thinking about it since my spotting started.

    MrsM87- Fingers crossed for you.

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