The 2ww

or my case last month was only 9 days image

Hi all

I am 1 dpo today and im hoping my LP has lengthened since taking more vit B6 this cycle.

Hows everyone doing?



  • Hi TallGirl - I am about 6DPO - I don't think we've cracked it this month (month 2, TTC number 2) - AF due March 29. We'll see.

    Good luck to you.

  • Hiya MrsT04

    Thanks for replying image

    i am now 5dpo and really hope we have done it this month. Im thinking of testing next Thursday if af dosen't show up early like it did last month. How about you? any symptoms? xx
  • No, no symptons and yesterday and today I feel savage - really premenstrual!! Roll on next Thursday and lets get AF out the way and go again.

    Let me know how you get on!

  • i'm 4dpo i think going on my cbfm's peaks, but my last 2 cycles have been 39 and 40 days and this one is looking like it will be 25??

    anyway, i'm itching to test already! not good xx
  • Hey all. so af turned up monday and i was gutted at the time image as it worked out i have a LP of only 7days! trying to think positive about next cycle and hoping it was just a blip and my body will sort its self out with some help from more vitamins to try and lengthen my LP. Any news? xx
  • AF arrived for me on Wednesday so onto month 3 for us. Good luck girls xx
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