Second baby taking much longer :-(

Is anyone else finding that their 2nd baby is taking much longer to concieve than their first?? We were amazingly lucky to have concieved our little boy first cycle and I naively thought it would be just as easy this time. Tested last night BFN so on to month 4 for us. I know it's a relatively short time it just doesn't feel like that when your living it everyday.

Wonder why it is taking longer?? I'm 30 and my hubby is now 40 (we were 27/37 with my son) and

I had a section (apparently the scar tissue can cause issues) so I've been googling "secondary infertility" god the Internet is an evil image I convince myself of alsorts!

Is anyone else finding the second baby a longer process than the first time round?


  • I am totally with you on this one, in fact I could have written this post myself hun!!!

    We conceived DD straight away so I am too finding this really hard ttc no 2. We were 27/28 when had dd and now 30/31.

    We started ttc in Nov 11 and I have just got period today 5/6 days early, which worries me slightly as didnt detect ovulation this month so im now worried something is wrong!

    CD1 today for me, and this will be month 6 for us.

    I have no idea why its taking so long, but it' s taking over my life and that upsets me , I have a beautiful daughter and I feel like i am wishing my life away waiting for a bfp, people tell me not to worry and it will happen whilst others (who dont know we are ttc) are asking when we are having another imageimageimageimageimageimage

    I have also googled secondary infertitility and a whole host of other things , and you can really scare yourself!!!

    I am more worried about why i didnt ov, or ov d early or late, and also why af is 5/6 days early than why im not preg this month as i knew we pretty much wouldnt be as we only dtd 3 times the whole month as i had a water infection and was told not to ttc whilst taking the antibiotics, which i had to take cd13- cd16 and also wait 24-48 hours after to get it out my system so if i would have ov'd at "normal" time for me that would have been right in the middle of that time!!!

    No idea why its taking so long and Im even thinking of going to doctors, i keep panicking thinking what if i have PCOS or something...arrrrgggggghhhhhhhh I can honestly say this is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, all the not knowing!!!!

  • We sound so similar! I also have been wishing my life away and consuming myself with a child that isn't even concieved when I have my gorgeous little boy!! I too had a water infection this month but after ovulation. I spoke to the doctor about not conceiving as my husband has developed peronies disease (which affects 'down there' but apparently not fertility?) doctor told me to come back if I still wasn't pregnant in 15 months!!!!!!!

    Maybe like u say on ur other post try the clearblue digital OPK (I used both just to check the cheapest worked) but what worries me is that even if u get a positive OPK it doesn't necessarily mean your ovulating it just detects the surge. On the other hand, I read reviews on the Internet cheapies saying they didn't get a positive OPK then turned up BFP same month??

    Totally off topic is ur DD date of birth 06.04.09 as in your screen name?? My DS is the other way around...spooky!! X
  • hey we fell straight away with DD but took 4 cycles second time round- we were using OPKs the lot so very frustrating when you presume it will be easy. Try SMEP, guarentees best chance of getting everything where it should be at the right times then its just down to that bit of luck/chance x
  • Hi ladies, it took me nearly a year from having the depo shot to conceive my son 9 yrs ago. I was told it could delay conception by quite some time so I suppose it wasn't too long really. This time it's taking much longer and I wasn't on any contraception before. It's been a horrible emotional rollercoster. The first 3-4 months were fun!

    I'm due to start clomid next cycle but for no medical reason, the fertility specialists have classed us as unexplained infertility. So desperate for our bfp now, it just feels like our life is on hold.

    Mummy2grace, can't believe how far along you are, hope you are well x
  • My mum said it took alot longer for her to conceive my little sister - just about 3 times as long actually (3 months for me, 9 months for my sis)

    Hubby thinks that we will get pg again really quickly (only took us 3 months)but I am not so sure - especially seeing as my cyces are now so irregular.

    Good luck though hun - I am sure it's nothing to worry about and i've heard its a common thing.

  • We conceived dd on month 4, we are now on month 9 of ttc no2 do it's very difficult, my mum recently told me that it took 6 years to conceive me and I'm the third child. Was hoping to be pregnant close to my 30th and that was last July!!
  • Try SMEP, guarentees best chance of getting everything where it should be at the right times then its just down to that bit of luck/chance x

    Whats SMEP mummy2grace??
  • I was just about to ask same SMEP ?

    Mrscox - my dd waa due 06/04/09 but was born 04/04/09 would have been spooky if they were 0604 and 0406 !

    Our stories defo sound v similar.

    How are you feeling ,hope af stays away xxxxx
  • try googling smep for full details, but it's dtd every other day then everyday for 3-4 days from positive ov test I think.
  • sMEP is sperm meets egg plan, detailed on one of my other topics or google but presuming no fertility issues this should give maximum chance of having down and egg meeting. Andi hey image its gone so fast! I do stalk loopys thread so know how you guys are all doing but feel wrong to post iyswim? Really excited for you re chlomid, deffo worth a shot . I was taking AC vit b complex 100mg, zinc AND using progesterone cream for lp spotting the month I fell and asked about chlomid (cos convinced I had lp issues) and my gp said I had to be ttc for 2 years first! x
  • Happened with me. 1st pregnancy (which was ectopic) took 2 cycles, DD (who is 2 years 8 months) took 2 cycles, 3rd pregnancy (which was MC) took 1 cycle, then this little one took 5 cycles! I do put that down to the MC messing with my cycles though rather than age, although I am 3 years older.

    Ended up getting pregnant on the 2nd cycle of using CB OPK, and 1st cycle of using AC and Vit B6 x
  • hiya -im 34 and have a dd who is 21 months. I fell preg first month with dd. Weve been ttc for seven months and was just beginning to get really down about it and then got a BFP this morning! I was convinced Af was coming too as had all my usual symptoms (sore bbs, bloating, feeling grumpy) ,they just didnt go away... Fingers crossed its a lucky month for everyone x
  • Ah lovely to see a BFP congrats devon-mummy! Xx
  • How is everyone feeling?I am feeling very positive this month, I am so much more relaxed, baby dust to all XXXXX
  • That's good ur feeling relaxed and positive mummy06049 image I'm feeling relaxed but unfortunately not positive. I know it's only been 3 months of trying and people try for much longer but at the moment I'm sort of in the mind set that I can't visualise it actually happening. Maybe it's my way of coping with the disappointment?? Dont let myself think that it will happen then it's a mega bonus if it does? Xx
  • I know what you mean hun, try to visualise the sperm meeting the egg etc , meant to help. I kepe telling myself it will happen and try not to think of negatives, i know easier said than done.

  • Well, I'm kind of in the same boat except I don't have a live child. I fell pregnant after 2 months trying but had mc. Been trying 3 years since and still not pregnant. Been tested for everything and they can't find anything that would stop us conceiving so we've been classed as "unexplained fertility". So down in the dumps. How can it be so easy the first time and so hard the next????
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