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Hello everyone! I'm planning a baby, it will be my first. I've been feeling all broody and maternal for about 3 years now, and this year is my year (I hope!). My life was turned upside down early last year, I split up with my ex (my decision) after 10 long years. We ttc for 18 months, but were unsuccessful, which looking back, was a blessing in disguise! We were married, unfortunately. Lol A few months after we split, I met my partner, he is the love of my life! It's all been quite a whirlwind, but I've never been happier! We've been ttc for a few months now, still no luck. Marriage is on the horizon, but not for a few years. When I was younger, I had my whole life planned. Marriage, then babies. My priorities have changed since then! Most of my friends have had at least 1-2 children, and I feel like I'm a late starter. But I've done lots of fun things and I feel like I have lived my life and I'm ready to make the necessary sacrifices to have a baby. What is everyone else's story? xxx image


  • Hi Ladygoogoo image

    I am married to DH and have one DD who is 1 in May :-O Im also in my final year at uni and finish in two months so the plan is to get a job then think about num 2! Exciting times xxx
  • Hi Ladygoogoo!

    Myself and DH are planning our first too image I've been stupidly broody for as long as I can remember (probably about five years now!), so unbelievably happy that we're finally at least at the 'planning' stage!

    My best friend had her first baby five months ago (she's the first from our close group) so that's set me off even more!

    I think everyone has their 'plan', but wouldn't life be boring if it always went that way!!image

    Lots of baby dust to you! x

  • Hiya Ladygoogoo!
    I'm 30 years young and always said i'd be married and have kids by the time i'm 30 instead I've been with my partner 5yrs who's divorced with a 10yr son who I have been stepmum to these last few years!! We decided to try for a baby of our own Jan 2012 after a car accident lost me my job and health and left me with high level of disability so it's a case of 'no time like the present' i'm estatic to be TTC but it is hard work and after 5 fruitless months i'm still trying but it's early days and we did have the added complication of my man having had a vasectomy from his previous marriage which he had to have reversed last year!

  • Hi XXTonix,

    It's crazy how the broodyness just creeps up on you doesn't it I was not in the least bit broody when I met my other half when I was 25 i was enjoying the single life, out and about, no responsibilites! Don't get me wrong I love children and have very strong relationships with my neices and nephews but the thought of having my own children seemed a long way away specially as my other half already had a son so I had an instant family and became a mother figure almost overnight not quite what i had planned but hey i wouldn't change it for the world. Now here I am and i eat,sleep and breathe anything baby!!

  • It seems it's never the right time for having a baby financially,emotionally etc...but fate has strange ways of working I had a full and successful career and was the main breadwinner in our home we were finacially in a very strong position, I sufffer with scoliosis and Degenrative disc disease but that had started to settle so healthwise i was as strong as i was ever gonna be but my partner was just not ready for children which was frustrating and caused a few heated debates as he had his son and was just frightened how the dynamics would change. Then wallop i was involved in a serious car accident 18mths ago lost my job,my health and we had to move house to accomadate my disabilities at the time i thought well there is definately no chance of us thinking about having a baby now everything was against us but it bought us closer together as I struggled to recover and we decided that no matter what life throws at you you have to focus on the positive and it was at that moment that we decided to take the leap and try for a baby so at least something good would come out of such a bad situation and whilst we will struggle financially now as I am unable to work again and I will face many challenges with my disabilities now I want to be a mother more than anything and know i can do just a good a job as anyone else. Your time will come hun mine did in the strangest way possible! We've been TTC 5mths now but at least we are on the first step of an amazing journey and what will be will be! x

  • Dollie Doodle, what an inspiration you are!

    It just goes to show there never really is a right time.

    Sending lots of baby dust your way image xx

  • Thank you Cherrycracker for your kind words it has been a real uphill struggle and I still battle daily mentally and physically but I fight on and am determined that if I can't get my old life back I will enhance the one I've been left with and be the best mum I can be and provide our baby when it happens with all the love in the world!

    Thank you for the baby dust lets hope this month is my month!!




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