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Girlfriend just taken Clearblue pregnancy test


Posting on behalf of my girlfriend. She has been feeling sick and tired aswell as being constipated the last few days. We decided to take a test earlier this evening and saw the following result.

I know its only a very faint line but what would this mean? She has recently came off the pill. Would it be worth doing another test in a few days? Would that faint line mean early sign of being pregnant?

Many Thanks for any responses in advance.


  • I forgot to add - she was spotting quite bad about 2 weeks ago aswell as having bad pains down her side as though someone was stabbing her.
  • Hi Danny

    I don;t now the answer but I have just posted a similar post below! Lets all keep our fingers crossed!

    Good luck
  • Hi Danny,

    This look like a positive test to me! I had the same with my son he is now 3! Congrats to you and your girlfriend if your unsure take another test but this looks 99% positive to me!

    Good luck Shell x image
  • I'd try a pink dye test (first response or superdrug own) as they tend to be a bit clearer. That looks like an evaporation line to me, which would mean she's not pregnant. You never know though, I could be wrong! I have had similar results and sadly no bubba yet image
  • Hi,

    I guess it's hard to say because everyone is different and this happened to me like I said! The line didn't show up till about half an hour after but I was only about 4 or 5 days pregnant I did one again about 2 days later and it came up as positive! It just all depends as everyone is different! Do another test but try a different brandimage

    I hope this helps! Keep me updates on any newsimage

    Shell x
  • Looks positive to me. Congratulations. I would do a pink dye one though to be sure as the cleqrblues are terrible for evaporation lines . X
  • Just an update. She did a clearblue digital one which said "not pregnant" image
  • them tests are notorious for giving out false results. i know.

    am sorry, hugs x
  • I'd also try a first response or give it a couple of days. The CB digital are not the most reliable for detecting early pregnancy. Good luck
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