Clearblue BFP but is it too early to test


This is my first post so hello!

I have been having unusual periods as I only came off Mycrogynon in December. I did an ovulation test 14 days ago and got a LH surge.

These last two days I have been having cramps and for the 2 weeks after ovulation I had spotting.

I did a Clear Blue Digital Pregnancy Test this evening and it says Pregnant 1-2 weeks. I am just not sure if I can believe it! As my cycles have been messed up I dont know if I am due my AF or not.

Has anyone else had any experience of False Postives on CBD?

Sorry this is long but I really don't know what to think!!

Thank you for your help


  • Seen your reply to my post.

    Pretty similar to my gf. She came off the pill, few days later she had bad cramps, stabbing pains aswell as heavy spotting. Went to the NHS centre and they said she was ovulating and that it was normal. She took a pregnancy test which was negative. However, last couple of days she has been feeling sick and also feeling bloated. We did another test and it seems as though it is positive.

    Good luck to you aswell.
  • Sounds good Friday bride. Unlikely to be a false positive on a cbd (they're notoriously unsensitive!) - do another in four or five days and it should then say 2-3 weeks. Congrats image
  • Thanks Danny and Dudders1. Just keeping everything crossed!!
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