what happened?

Hi ladies..

Ok so a few days ago (wednesday) i spotted and thought it was my AF.. but AF didn't show.. I had a little more spotting here and there but nothing heavy or worth using a towel..

this morning i woke up in agonising pain and when i say agonising i mean it was a billion times worse than when i was in labour with my son. i have (so i've been told) a very high pain threshold but as i was sat on the toilet i was actually thinking about calling 999.. i went ice cold and started sweating really bad and tmi but there was SO much blood with lots of clots (sorry)

i was sat on the loo for about half an hour (it was the only place i could be for the pain) i tried going back to bad but i started physically shaking.. i remembered when i was in labour before that the only thing that eased the pain was a bath. so i ran myself a bath and fell asleep there for about an hour or so..

my husband eventually woke up and found me asleep in the bath and made me a cup of tea (tea fixes everything lol)the pain had gone now and the bleeding wasn't so bad...

Initially i thought that AF was just being a real B**ch this month but then my husband said "do you think you could have been pregnant and lost it?" and now hes gone off to work and his words are haunting me..

the whole thing was so exhausting and even now im feeling so drained from this morning..

sorry for the long post but has anyone else been through something similar? could i have miscarried? :cry:


  • Hi Sophie_Zaki

    I havent experienced this , or have advice but i didnt want to read and run!

    I would think it could well be something like that but I would call the docs and get an appointment just to get checked out and make sure

  • sounds awful, I hope you're ok now?x
  • Hi hope your ok have you taken a test as the hormones might show a bfp then you could ask for a scan to see what happens. Xxx
  • Hi ladies thanks for your replies.. I did a test today and it was an incredibly faint line that I'm pretty sure I imagined (don't want to let myself dwell on it)... So I went to the doctors (they were incredibly rude and I wish I hadn't bothered) and basically the doctor told me that if I had been pregnant then I'm not now and that I should take a test in a few weeks to see what happens and if I still bleed in 4/5 days time then I should go back.. She didn't seem to care what I was (still am) going through.. The pain is horrific I can't explain but she told me to take paracetamol (I'm sorry but clearly that's not helping!!)

    I feel like crying :/ I can't stop thinking about whether or not I was actually pregnant.. My husband and I had both had dreams about having a baby/being pregnant..

    I just want this pain to go away :'(

    Sorry again for another rant x
  • you dont have to be sorry hope you feel beter soon tack care.xxx
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