Newbie- Cycle Help please!

Hi Girls

I am new to all of this, have recently come off the contraceptive pill. I had my withdrawal bleed, and then came on (sort of) yesterday.. Which was exactly 28 days from the first day of my withdrawal bleed. So I'm really pleased that AF has returned so soon as I had read it may take a while.

Anyway my confusion is when to start counting my first cycle day from (sorry if the rest is TMI!!!) as although I did come on yesterday it was late in the day (after a day of horrendous period pain) and not very much- more like dark discharge, whereas this morning it was what i would call my proper period... Would I still count yesterday as CD1?

Sorry if I sound really thick just struggling to get my head around it all! I'm sure a day doesn't make much difference but thought I'd ask..

Hope I don't have too many more stupid Q's :lol:

Thanks x


  • Hiya I could be wrong but I normally count my CD1 as the first day I have to use a towel.. x
  • I think you're meant to count CD1 as the first day you have proper period bleeding, as opposed to just spotting or similar.

    Hope that helps. And don't worry about asking silly questions, we're all here to help.

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