AF ending, ovulation already?!!

Hi ladies.

Basically, AF ended around Sunday (and started on Monday 19th), the whole time is was never heavy at all. Now I've started to get quite a lot of cervical mucus! Not in my knickers, but when I go to pee and I wipe, I notice there's quite a lot there, and it's tinged pink or red or brown. I've been taking Agnus Castus to help regulate my cycles... Could this be a sign that I'm going to ovulate so quickly??

I took an OPK yesterday and it was negative, will take another later today. I will try and link my chart also...

Thanks ladies




    Just trying to link my chart, see if this works
  • Can't see your chart huni. What kind of CM? If EWCM then you could well be gearing up for ov. I had very short cycles, 23-26 days really, af would last for 8 days and ov would usually be CD12/13. So for me by the time af was finishing my body was gearing up to ov just a few days later! xx
  • Nevermind about the chart :-P It's really, really stringy. I took an OPK and it was negetive. I think we'll just get on with BDing and hope for the best. Thanks for your help.

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