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Hello, back here for a second time and very excited!

Hi all, as the title says Im back here for a second time, I was a member about 3 years ago when I was trying to get pg with DS George and now Im back as we are planning baby number 2.

I made many friends last time, a few of whom Im still in contact with and meet regularly so really quite excited to be back.

Lots of babydust to you all.

Claire xx


  • didnt want to r & r but welcome back!!! enjoy the tryingimage xxx
  • Hi welcome back! I had my DD last May and thinking of number 2 image I met some fab friends too last time, BE seems alot quieter than it was back then though! when do you think you might start trying xx
  • Hey! We are currently thinking about no 2, I had my DD in May and stalked the forums but never wrote on them (i remember Broodykate and it's nice to see someone from DIM)I have realised what an amazing support you girls are and would love to share my journey with you. When are you thinking of trying?x
  • Hi, Im going to stop taking my pill at the end of this pack which is next Monday. Last time it took 66 days for me to gt my AF so thought I should give myself some time to get right. The only problem is I take a few meds to control my lovely acne (I know Im 35!) which I will have to stop taking too so hoping it wont take too long to get pg. Only took 3 months last time so fingers crossed.

    It does seem alot quieter here these days, is it just this forum??

  • Hi Claire its New look here! For some reason im called princess84 now not sure why. how are you doing? We too are thing of baby number 2 this year,maybe after our holidays in july. We found out we were pregnant the same day last time do you remember? Anyway hope your well.xx
  • Bloody hell New Look, how are you doing??!!! How is Lily?

    Lovely to hear from you, cant believe youre thinking of trying again soon, maybe we'll be pg at the same time again!

    Do you keep in touch with any of the other girls? Im really good friends with Slippers and still speak occasionally to MrsN and Shell on FB.

  • Hello! Ah she's fine thankyou- a tinker though let me tell you! Not sure how I'd manage with 2! Lol I keep intough with MrsBlue via text but didn't use facebook to keep in touch as I like it to be private! Can everyone see or is it private? How are the others doing? X
  • Ah ive changed my name back to Newlook image Hope your well! x

  • hi all im new to this me and my partner are planning number 4 and i have just came off the pill 3 weeks ago do any of u no how like it might take as that was the first time for me to be on the pill...........

  • Hi Claire How are you? Not sure  if youve been back on but i keep checking for an update image x

  • Hi Newlook sort I've been really busy with work so not been back on! I've had a very faint line on a Internet cheapie test this morning though!! Omg it's bringing back lots of memories, have just been out to get a proper test so we will see later, feeling very queasy though.

    I'm really unsure though as it's very different to how I was with George ... Hehe very excited!

    How are u and lily doing?

  • Hi! I've just seen this post. Did u do another test!?! Oooooo exciting xxxx
  • Hi NewLook, yes I did and it was positive!!

    Really excited but really relaxed too, nothing like last time. Getting lots of morning sickness all ready but otherwise its all good. We havent told anyone yet not even our parents kinda enjoying the secret and last time the first few weeks seem to drag forever so this way we're not constantly talking about it.

    Hope all is good with you.


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