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April ttc club - lets find those golden eggs........

OK ladies so here is our new ttc thread for the April. Been a bit quiet here so hopefully this will give us some inspiration and if we need some more, here are some of our recent graduates:

**KWN_32 - BFP November**
**Pinkckickuk2 - BFP November**
**Poppy70 - BFP December**
**VixV - BFP January**
**Glimmer - BFP February**
**Woluk - BFP February**
**nicki31uk - BFP February**
**OaksmikasMummy - BFP February**
**Lisabbyuk - BFP February**
**Tashelby - BFP February**
**Autumn79 - BFP February**
**3054 - BFP February**
**MrsKH72- BFP March**
**S-evans - BFP March**

**Bluestar*- BFP April**

**Kittlelitten - BFP April**

So let me know your testing dates and if you are 'in' this month and I will update below:

smileycat - 24 April
lisaduk6 -
speccles - 14/15 April
Dyllypops -
Pitterpatter -
Miss daisydays -
Gem7uk -
Kayla507 -
Babylocksuk - 11 April
Apple - end April

Good luck to all you ladies - lets have lots of baby dust being sprinkled......

Apple xxx



  • Hi Apple,

    How is your husbands knee? I hope he is recovering.

    Can you please add me to the list my test date is 11th April.

    Lets hope there are lots more golden eggs for everyone!

  • Hey I'm due to test next weekend!

    Hope you ok Apple xxx
  • Hi everyone,

    I am testing on Friday 13 th! Have been a bit quiet lately hope everyone is okay. I am abt 7 or 8 dpo and my lower tum and back are now cramping like crazy, had some nausea tender boobies . Of them the I never usually have sore boobs. Dying to test! I know its too early please yell at me to step away from the sticks!

    How's everyone keeping? X
  • Good luck ladies.... Hope the Easter egg hunt reveals a load of BFP's!!!! It's gone very quiet on here recently which I suppose is a good thing as it means graduates are not coming back and fewer new ladies joining in!!!! I really hope and pray fir those if you left to get your BFP soon..... Hope April is as luck as February was!!

    Blue star.... Step away from the rests, less than a week to resist now... Keep yourself busy and lots of luck for Friday!!

    I've got a case of the negative thoughts this week.... I'm just over ten weeks and going for next scan on Wednesday and I'm filled with dread about bad news yet again!!!!! Need to find my positivity again x x
  • Hello ladies - All updated now on the testing date front.

    Blue star - wow that sounds really positive, but as 3054 says, step away from the sticks. I know I am a POAS addict too, but its far too early. Just tuck into the easter eggs, get busy and think about it next Thursday evening...... As an aside, you temp don't you? If so what has your chart done in the last day or so?

    Speccles - lovely to hear from you and fingers crossed for you next weekend too. Hope you managed to get busy image and that you will be our next graduate along with Blue star. Otherwise you will have to put up with me again! I am alright, just been feeling a little down, but need to snap myself out of it.

    3054 - thank you for stopping by....its so lovely to hear from you (and the other grads). Please don't be worried, the fact you have got this far with good scans can only be positive surely and the risk must be much lower now. I was told once you have a HB at 9 weeks the risk is much lower. Do ping us a line on Wednesday about how it went.....we will be thinking of you. In the mean time sending you and bean lots of hugs (((( ))))).

    Any other ladies want me to update? Anyone heard from smiley cat / lisaduk etc?

    Apple x
  • Good luck ladies. Blue star sounds positive.

    I have my scan on Wednesday - full of mixed emotions . Just praying all is well esp as symptoms don't seem obvious now. 7 weeks today.
  • Hello,

    3054 - I ve lost my pma so I really hope the easter bunny has brought it to you. Im sure your next scan will be wonderful and I have everything crssed for you. Make sure you break out the chocolate and enjoy xx

    Apple - The temping thing isnt really working . This is the first month I have done it properly. The chart moved its base line and ovulation date yesterday which was right as it fell in line with positive opk. But now I have 2 temps below the coverline on 3/4 dpo. Then I had a high spike but am dipping again at 7/8 dpo but still above the cover line. Dying to cheat and drink tea before! lol I work shifts so this poss isnt the best method for me. I will give it a second month though . Annny hooow! \how are you keeping . Where you at this month? x
  • Bluestar you need to give bbt a few months. I would recommend it has helped me get my bps in the past and give me peace of mind i have ovd .
  • Hello ladies, like the new thread Apple. Im still here checking up on you all and wishing lots of luck for this month and spring is the time for new life so Im sure there will be lots of bfp's

    S evans I know how you must be feeling I was a nervous at all my scans (7, 12 and 20 weeks), but Im sure everything will be just fine. I'll be thinking of you this week xx

    good luck to everyone else xxx
  • Sevans - thanks I know I should give it time. Guess I have been looking at it like magic wand. Good luck for your scan. I'm sure it will be good. My symptoms disappear too but all was fine with my ds. Fc Xx
  • Evening ladies - hope everyone enjoyed the easter break.

    Good luck S-evans and 3054 for Wednesday and both your scans. Please do stop by and let us know how they go and what you got to see. image

    Blue star - as s-evans said I would give it more time on the temping. It took me a few months to begin to recognise what was going on with me and my patterns. Given you work shifts it may just take a little longer to identify what's normal for you and don't be cheating with that tea!!! If you got a dip around 7/8 days that could be exciting you know!!! You use FF don't you? How about posting your chart link?

    Pitter patter - how are you honey? I saw your other post, perhaps you are just needing a month or two to settle down again?

    AFM, CD 6 / 7 I think today so just plodding on at the moment. DH goes into hospital tomorrow for his knee operation, so hope he recovers quickly or this month will be out....image if you know what I mean!!!

    Ladies - anyone else got a testing date to update?????

    Apple xxxx
  • Hi ladies, sorry I've not been around for ages. S-evans and 3054 keeping everything crossed for you both for your scans on wed! And huge congrats too.

    Sending lots of sticky baby dust to the rest of you.... would love to see some old friends get their much deserved bfps this month.

    Apple hope your hubby recovers super fast in time for bd. All the very best for this month!

  • Apple -Hope your hubbys knee operation wont keep him off the road for too long. I hate all the waiting around that goes with ttc. Hope you had a lovely easter to make it pass more quickly.

    heres the link

    It works when you copy and paste it into bar at top. I had a real temp high today -i promise I didnt drink tea first . I did accidentally leave heating on timer so was cooking when i woke. not sure if it would make a real difference though.

    Still wishing you good luck on wedensday SEvans and 3054 x x
  • Congratulations to 3054 and S-evans!

    Sorry, I've not been on here very much as I find I get too obsessed with ttc... Things are looking better as I had a normalish AF this time after mc in December (rather than the 14 day ones I had before). It has taken a long time to recover and get back to normal. DH has been away for 3 weeks, but he's back now so all systems go again. Will know by the end of the month - but not thinking of dates to avoid obsession! Just trying to chill.

    Good luck to all. x
  • speaking of obsessed - i'm on cd 34 - normally of a 35-36 day cycle. don't think i ovulated until the saturday though so might be a little longer this month.

    i'm feeling bloated -despite sticking to slimming world since thursday! so would normally be feeling flatter tummied.

    sore boobs - feeling big and heave and shooting pains off and on.

    i swear the veins are more prominent but i'm so pale i'm almoste transparent so you could just be that.

    and really grumpy - could not actaully stand the sight of oh yesterday and i was a right old witch to him......

    last few months i've started spooting about four days before and nothing yet....

    anyone got any advice or wnat to share their symptoms????
  • I will share my BFP symptoms with you...

    Soore boobs from ovulation (soore at the sides)

    boobs got bigger and fuller around 12dpo

    loads of very obvious blue veins across chest

    lots of creamy cm from ovulation through to BFP

    10dpo I felt pains in uterus all day, sometimes very strong and very noticable

    got very tired but that was after BFP

    the one thing different from other cycles was the implantation cramps... Never had those before

    hope this helps x image good luck everyone x
  • Latest news from me is that scan has been postponed till next week wed 18th because a girl in my office at workwork came in today and said that she had just had the mumps. She was safe to come back back but she didn't know she had them. So st Mary told me not to come in tomorrow . Another week of waiting.
  • Hi Apple. I am back from my holiday to Tenerife and I am now Day 9. My cycle was quite short in the end of 29 days so luckily we are hoping a window of opportunity will happen before hubbie goes back to work next Tuesday. I never ovulated last month so I am praying in the next couple of days I will. Fingers crossed April will be a good month for a lot of us.
  • I had my last scan at Liverpool yesterday..... It was amazing!!! Baby measured 11 weeks exactly and was jumping around all over the place image doctor struggled to get measurments at first as it just wouldn't keep still....

    Anyway Liverpool are so happy with my progress and happy that everything looked perfect they have released me back to local ante natal care as they are confident all will be ok image

    this is the furthest we have ever got and now I can start to think about being a mummy after 3 heartbreaking years and 3 losses x

    it feel like a dream!!!! So I have my booking in next Thursday and they will arrange a further scan to then onwards and upwards......

    I am so so happy right now image x
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