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Pre-seed (er's)

Hey ladies, hope you are all well and feeling positive about TTC. Last night was our first bd using pre-seed, just wondered how everyone has found it. Still waiting to see positive on ov tests but thought no harm in trying as I am mid cycle. AF is due on 1st May : )

Take care all and thanks for your support : )

Love Jo x


  • Hi. I tried it for first month last cycle it was fine but no bfp. This month is first month of clomd, which can cause less ewcm, but haven't really seen a difference. So I just used a small amount the last two days over ov.

    Fc though x
  • We started using it this month too...I love it!! Even if it (hopefully not) turns up as bfn it's bloody fun!! :lol: I've been using 2-3g. Doesn't look like it will last long , probably need a new tube next cycle of no luck this month.
  • We used it when tcc#2 and it worked for us. No luck this time round so far and on cycle 3. :roll: x
  • Hi all, when are you testing? Due AF? Well I am really hoping we have done it. I used opk's and ov was positive for fri and sat. We bd on thurs, fri and today. Really hope that's covered it. Hubby and I felt the pressure yesterday after a double shift, can feel odd to 'do it' on demand but so want a bfp! I have kinda pinned my hopes on it helping us tbh, will be sad if it's a bfn but will keep trying. All the best ladies x
  • eeek just seen a pre-seeder has got their BFP! x

  • Yeahy!!!!!!! There's hope!!! When is AF due? I think mine is due on fri 27th (not sure though as I ovulated 4 days later??)
  • We used pre-seed when we concieved DS and had no problems using it!  I used to pop a moon cup in (post BD) too  image

  • Hi ladies, was expecting af today but no sign yet. Keeping my fc that this is our month, don't want to get my hopes up.
  • Eeek really hope so andi30xx : )
  • Took a test this morning but it was a bfn of course!
  • Oh sorry andi30!!! Big hugs xx
  • Sorry to hear that andi30xx when is AF due? x

  • I've took test yday ...bfn!! Gutted!! AF not due till friday but 99% sure I'm out image
  • oh mrscoxuk I am sorry, I am due Monday. Hopefully it is just to early x

  • Yep I'm out. Preseed didn't work for us this month image gutted hoped it would be as good as all the 'used it a month n got pregnant' reviews. Not this time!
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