Other people's early signs of pregnacy

Hi everyone,

Me and my partner are trying for a baby im not able to do a pregnancy test until Wednesday this week. I just wondering if what signs other people have experienced before doing a test. I dont no if im being daft and if my mind is playing tricks with me.

Over the last few weeks i have had headaches most days, my back is killing me and i have had dull pains in the lower part of my stomach. I have experienced dizzy spells, feeling sick and tearful.

Today though i have had stomach pains most of the day on my left hand side. I have felt hungry but when i have eaten a few mouth fulls my body has felt full. It feels like ive binged at an all you can eat resturant. I have lost my appetite with alot of foods and totally gone off alcohol. My stomach is bloated and my boobs have grown significatly over the last few weeks.

One last point which i find strange is i usually go to the gym 4 times a week. I class myself as very active and fit and i love circuit training. However over the last few weeks i have gone to the gym and within minutes im out of breath as if ive never exercised.

Has anyone else experienced this or am i being stupid.



  • My symptoms were fairly standard I think; burst into tears for no apparent reason twice in the week before BFP, bigger boobs, queasiness and massively sensitive sense of smell.

    Whilst I really hope these are pregnancy signs for you, I tortured myself every month convincing myself I had 'symptoms' only for AF to arrive image

    Good luck & FC for you xx
  • Hi helen1657, I'm not due to test until a week this Wednesday earliest, but feeling sore and bigger boobs, major lower back ache the last few days (none today thankfully), and not sure if I'm imagining the smell thing! Good luck, hope you get your BFP, let us know how you get on. I'm trying not to get my hopes up by reading to much into it all! xx
  • Hi helen1657, and welcome image

    I am currently ttc baby no.2, with my first i was on the pill for 6 years and was lucky that we concieved in 7 weeks. I didnt even know i was pregnant but early symptoms i had was that my boobs felt bigger and were veinier (tmi! :lol: ), i also remember my dh going out to a gig the night before i did the test and i had a chinese chippy tea on my own and after eating i felt soooo sick! I also had the metallic taste in my mouth! Im due to test on the 28th(my birthday) but might test the day before!

    Good luck and keep us updated hun X
  • Helen - I know what you mean about the out of breath thing . I am reasonably fit and go to gym, had bfp last week - right now my legs are hevay and sets of stairs having me feeling a touch puffy which is madness!

    My main symptom was sore boobies. I dont usually get sore bobs in my cycle. I did haves bouts of nausea and smell and am bloated but thats it. Hope your BFN turns into a BFP xx
  • Hiya For my main symptoms this time were vivid dreams from 2-3 DPO, metalic taste and feeling dizzy and light headed.  Once I got BFP I started feeling sick and my sense of smell was reallly sensitive.  Having said that with my 1st pregnancy I had no symptoms at all apart from the dreams.  Hope this helps and you get your BFP soon.


  • Hey I didn't get any symptoms at all when I got my BFP, not early ones anyway. My earliest symptoms were indigestion and cramping and that was about 13-14dpo. The sore boobies followed quite quickly after!


  • My symptoms were a fluttering sensation in my lower tummy area which wasnt quite period pains. I was also tired and emotional. I tested and got a BFP at 1-2 weeks. Now at 5 weeks (according to Dr's dating but 4 weeks according to mine) I am very tired, get the odd wave of nausea, have quite strong stomach cramps which my Dr informs me is bowel related and am quite emotional . A tricky one when you ring your parents in tears and can't tell them why you are upset! (We aren't telling our parents til Christmas)

  • Peeing a lot, sore boobs, headaches and tiredness, just a general off feeling. With my first I was peeing a lot, very cranky and cramps x

  • Me and my partner have been trying for quite a wile now I have had symptoms such as bloating dizziness slite tender breasts feeling sick nipples look darker to my opinion and bigger and today a slite pain to my right side I don't want to get my hopes up I just keep thinking its my mind messing with me but got to live in hope lol
  • Hi, just thought IF anyone can help me out, me and my partner have been ttc for about 6 months but no luck, so i just wanted to what symptons do you get 8 days before due periods?

    Thanks x
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