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Symptom Spotters Anonymous;)

Congratulations!!! We have 22 BFPs! Our lucky syptom spotters so far:

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Happy and healthy nine monthsimage


I'm creating this thread just for funimage I can't help symptom spotting, probably most of what I'm experiencing is either imaginary or completely normal, and I wouldn't be noticing anything if I wasn't in the tww, but there you go... I'm not asking for advice, I know anything goes as far as symptoms are concerned.. I want to have a good laugh and just see how far my imagination will go, I think it's just the long two ww that's making me crazy!

So, if you're poking your boobs whether they're sore yet, if you take indigestion for implantation twitches, and check up 'runny nose as pregnancy sign' on google, join me and write down all your symptomsimage

Hi, I'm JollyJoey and my symptoms are:

'funny' twitches and slight pains in lower tummy

being bloated

had a bout of nausea taday morning

coffee doesn't taste like it used to..

cold (apparently this can be a symptom!)

lots of cm after ov, now drying up (sorry for tmi)

temps stay nice and high (after what I like to call my implantation dip)

I think there appeared a pronounced blue vein on my left boob lol (though I wouldn't give my head for it, it could have always been there)

dull headaches and lack of energy

how good is that, ay? xxx



  • forgot to add: I'm getting so emotional! I cried two times last week over silly things.. 

    I'll be adding new ones if any appear...

  • I'm in the tww now too and I'm already emotionally drained and wishing the days away!

    I've had bloating, am super emotional, tired, sickness that only goes away with nibbling on things and wanting spicy foods and twiglets, chocolate has lost its appeal and I have tummy flutters, heaviness and some pokey pains there yesterday.

    However, I'm usually like the around this time of the month anyways (apart from the chocolate), so I'm not holding my breath!

  • I am sooo emotional this week, littlest things and it sets me off! Other than that not much although I have noticed and was going to ask you ladies on here (sorry if TMI!!!) I am still having CM and everything I have read says that this close to my due AF it should have dried up or so to speak in that region lol
    I am also FULL of wind! Keep wanting to burp and that isn't like me!

    Trying very hard not to get my hopes up cus I know a lot of symptoms could be af related or just my body still adjusting to coming off the pill!

    Fingers crossed everyone image x

  • Evening ladies! I too have been a self-confessed symptom spotter during my TTC journey. It's early days but we got our BFP last week.

    In the past I have had every symptom imaginable, but these are mine for this month:

    • 6/7 dpo onwards - sore boobs, mild ache in lower back and abdomen, very tired.
    • 8/9 dpo - headaches and CRAZY vivid dreams at night.
    • 9 dpo realised I had huge spot on nose, side of neck, back of thigh and shoulder!
    • 10dpo - stretching feeling in lower back/ abdomen
    • 11dpo - faintest of faint lines on IC tests
    • 12dpo - BFP with FRER and CBDigital

    Goodluck ladies!! xxxxx

  • I too keep poking boobs to see if they are sore! And have convinced myself that I am getting unusual stomach cramps! Funny what you mind does to you! I hate the 2ww!
  • Hi DottysBird, congrats and thanks for sharingimage Hopefully our symptoms mean BFPs as wellimage Have a happy and healthy nine monthsimage

    Hello Deeders, I don't think a day will come that I'll be off chocolate lol But if it comes, I must be pregnant! xx gl to you

    Hi Mrs Ash, I have read loads of forum accounts of symptoms before bfp, and having lots of cm in the tww was one of them at least in several successful stories. No idea if it's the same with you though, everybody's different. Fingers crossed, we'll be testing soon! xx

    Afm, I still have mild ache in abdomen, and I could swear my boobs suddenly got a little too big for my favourite bra. But again, it might be water retention before af..

  • Hi ladies!

    Hi jollyJoey, what a great idea now we can all symptom spot together!!image

    Hi deedersuk,MrsAsh24 and Lou12345_ good luck to you all hope you get your bfp's too X

    Congratulations DottysBird on your bfp! H&H9Months to you X

    Well here are my symptoms lol....

    *AF type pains in lower stomach/stretching pains in my side


    *Incresed tiredness and just wanting to sleep

    *Felt nauesia this morning till 11am

    *Veiny boobs (tmi sorry!)

    *Feeling bloated

    *Bad backpain!!

    Hoping we all are lucky and get bfp's soon! X

  • Congratulations Dottysbird! Have a wonderful 9 mths! image

    Hi Jollyjoey! Good luck to you too!

    Now I'm obsessed with my boobs and "are they sore? Is that a blue vein? Do they feel heavier today?"

    I'm ignoring all the spots that have suddenly appeared as I used to always get a breakout the week before my af when I was a teenager... though that was a fair while ago!

    I am in complete denial that any hot air in this room is from me.. it must be the cat!image

    Good luck everyone!! x

  • Lol Deeders, surely it's the cat!

    Hello Louimage I too hate tww, and I think my brain got swapped for jelly;) Fingers crossed xx

    However much I poke, bbs are not sore yet! I just told my hubby about how I think they got bigger, and he's laughing his head off, cheeky monkey!

    Great to see you here, Owensmummy, I keep fingers crossed for u!

    God, I think I've just eaten half a jar of gherkins... image

  • This is a great thread - makes me pleased I'm not alone image

    So here goes:

    * a few days after ov major lower back pains AF style

    * heavy boobs, sometimes veiner with the little lumps more pronounced

    * have had a few vivid dreams (googled what that meant after seeing other people mention it on here - this is an interesting link! My dreams were definitely in the 8 - 11 days after ov range on this graph!) 

    * beginning to wake up tired

    * bloated

    * feels like I can feel more cm

    * some twinges in stomach

    I am testing on Sunday morning, FC and good luck everyone xxx

  • oh and another one, how could I forget, I can barely make it an hour without needing to pee! xx

  • Hi girls I'm 11dpo at the mo, I'm tired keep having shooting pains in my boobs but they arnt sore, feel a bit sicky , keep getting stomach cramps but they feel a bit like a stitch! And really bloated!! Do feel different this month but probably won't be boo!! Fingers crossed! Oh also loads of cm!! What does this mean? Sorry tmi??!! Ha x
  • Hey ladies, I am only 8 dpo but I am feeling bloated and have had bad wind sorry tmi! A little quesey too! Prob just gearing up for af but a girl can hope! Think I'm coming down with a cold too. Fingers crossed everyone : ) x
  • Hello Flowermoon, Rosebud and Joey139, lovely to see you here!

    Flowermoon, your symptoms sound very promising! Hope u get your BFP this Sunday! xx I'll be checking that dreaming linkimage

    Rosebud, fingers and toes crossed! You're testing really soon! I've read lots of cm was also a symptom for some women who later got their BFPs. xx

    Joey, cold can be a symptom! Fingers crossed xxx

    Hello Deeders, Mrs Ash, Owensmummy and Lou12345, how are you today?

    Afm, it's a bit of a let down today, only slight pains in tummy and cold, no cramps, no sensitive nipples, not even bloated lol. The only thing was actually a very vivid dream which I couldn't shake off most of the day. And a horrible blodshot eye which is hardly a pregnancy symptom..

    The worst thing is, fertility friend just 'decided' to pinpoint my ov date much later than I thought it was (I was relying on other symptoms than temp, I only started temping mid cycle), so I'll have to wait longer for testing oooh no! I'm still hoping it might be wrong, and I'm either 9 or 7 dpo (I wasn't quite sure) and not meagre 4dpo. I wanted to test next Monday, but will probably wait till Thu, if I manage;) That's the charms of post-implant-first-cycle-hormone-crazy body;)  Uhm, it all sounds complicated, hope you know what I'm on aboutimage

    BFPs for us all!!! xx

  • Can I join you?!

    I've been trying my hardest to avoid symptom spotting but it's got the better of me today! I'm 7dpo (i think) and i've had a dry mouth for about 3 days, a lot more wind than usual (sorry tmi!), bloating and hot and cold flushes. Today i'm getting waves of nausea- lasting only a few seconds at a time and feel exhausted and cold! Realistically I know its too early to have symptoms! Doesnt the 2ww drive you nuts?!

    Sending lots of lucky baby dust to everyone!

  • Hello Little Momma and welcomeimage Every self-confessed symptom spotter is welcome hereimage We're not afraid to admit we can't help doing it lol. And it's never too early for the symptoms hahaha Good luck to you xx

    My symptoms today: weird mild stabbing pain in lower tummy.. and that's it! Altogether I feel awful with a bad cold and had a temp drop this morning - somehow I feel the witch is on her way..:/

    Fingers crossed ladies, some of us are testing tomorrowimage xxxx

  • Hey ladies!

     Looking forward to seeing some bfp soon! Ive symptom spotted all day, ive felt more nausea today, and been feeling dizzy! For some mad reason i did a ov strip just to see what it said(naughty me!!) and there are 2 lines???? Do you think this could be a sign?? I so don't want to get my hopes up but can't help it image  What do you guys think?

    Hi jollyJoey, im just all the above today not been quite with it image Hoping its the start of something lol X How are you? Hoping the af doesnt show! FCX

    Hi littlemomma86 and welcome! The 2ww is driving me mad!!!! Lol. When are you due to test? X

    Sending lots of baby dust to all X

  • LOL what a great thread! Here are my symptoms so far...

    1-4dpo- epically hungry lol

    4dpo- very light spotting

    6dpo- hungry, spotting, headache

    7dpo- spotting

    8dpo- spotting, leaky left nipple

    9dpo- spotting, spots! bad migraine/nausea

    10dpo- spotting, ouchie boobs

    11dpo- spotting, ouchie boobs

    I've now given up hope and think AF is about to show cos of the amount of days i've been spotting... I also have been getting cramps here and there as well as waves of really bad nausea... 2 days until AF is due so we'll see lol xxx

  • Hi ladies! I hope everyone is well today... I know that I'm a bit late to be posting but the other half is back from the pub with one of his mates and I'm hiding up here with the cat! I've left the door open for her just in case she farts (defo not me.. honest!image )

    Checked the boobs this morning, asked the other half to as well, who didn't mind but thinks that I'm imagining any changes! I've got no real cm to speak of. Spent about half an hour in the supermarket looking at gherkins, olives and all things pickled.. but I do that monthly anyways. I know that if I get an obsessive craving for meat or fish tomorrow or Monday that the sweet obsession and visit from the witch will be happening next weekend. Ah well, more practicing, eh?! image

    Made the mistake of watching some movie with a girl with cancer, bawled my eyes out. OH was out watching the football with his mates so just me, the cat and a box of tissues on the couch.

    FC to those testing soon! image Baby dust to everyone!

  • Morning everyone, well I can add vivid weird dreams and hot flushes to the list woke up at 1.30 am so boiling hot! opened the window and took ages to get off to sleep again. Very unusual for me to wake during the night. Boobies are tender too but I do get that mid cycle. I have a confession... pretty much convinced that we have done it, silly I know because I will be soooo dissapointed need to reign it in I think!

    Best of luck everyone : )

    Love Jo x

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