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Low sperm mobility

Hello hubby has just found out he has lazy sperm! Anyone else have this problem? If so, an y tips. Success stories? It's a tad disheartening and the docs advise was rubbish! We've been ttc for over a year now with no luck If anyone has advice, please share - we have no one we can ask!


  • No advice I am afraid my oh hasnt been tested yet. Wot was the docs advice?! It must b disheartening but hopefully it wont stop u getting a bfp in the future there f s lot if success stories from othas who have experienced the same. How long av u been ttc ? X
  • Hi, I haven't got advice just didn't want to read and run. Did the docs advise any vitamins, or what about pre seed to help the swimmers? Tbh if your not happy with docs advice would you be able to see a different doc to discuss results? Andi xx
  • Hiya Loobyloo,

    Didnt want to read and run... i just thought of a few things that might help.. I could be totally wrong but you never know.. When you BD maybe make sure when he climaxes he's on top of you, maybe put a pillow under your hips so they're elevated and make sure he's inside as deep as possible, that should help the sperm get up as far as poss.. Maybe BD in the AM and PM so there is more sperm inside you...Also, maybe try the SMEP method- my husband and i half tried this month but next month we're going to stick to it religiously.. you basically BD every other day started on CD8 then when you get a + opk you BD 3 days in a row then miss a day then BD one last time... Its supposed to ensure that there is plenty of sperm there to meet the egg when it makes an appearance..

    So sorry if im stating the obvious image xxx

  • Hiya, just thought I would post as my hubby has this problem, as well as a low sperm count. I also have PCOS and long cycles, and we managed to conceive our son naturally after just over a year, so it can still happen for you. What worked for us - hubby had been on wellman conception tablets for about 3 months when I got pregnant, and also when you have male factor problems you actually need to have sex less often as you need to give what healthy sperm there is a chance to build back up, we were doing it every 3 days the month I got pregnant. There were lots of times I thought it would never happen and we had gone to a fertility specialist to talk about starting IVF, but stay positive as all the time there are some healthy sperm you always have a chance. Good luck! X
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