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Can anyone help?!

Hey everyone,

Sorry for being such a novice, but I just wondered if anyone could help me! I'm feeling really emotional at the moment, and just wanted some advice from you lovely ladies image

Basically DH and I have been TTC for six months with no luck so far. I thought that my AF had settled into a regular cycle of 34 days after I had my implant out in October, as I had three cycles of 34 days, and one cycle of 33 days. Last month though, I really got my hopes up, as I was three weeks late, but got no positive test result, so I went to the doctor, who said that probably what had happened, was that an egg had been fertilised, but that it had never implanted, therefore causing my AF to be so late. I vowed after that to never get my hopes up again, as I was so gutted. Anyway, I am now on day 38 of my cycle, and I tested on Friday and Sunday, but got negative results. I have spent the weekend in floods of tears, as I was so convinced that i'm not pregnant again this month, (none of this was helped by my best friend telling me she's 5 weeks pregnant, and then spending the day with my other friends beautiful 14 week old yesterday!), i've been an emotional mess, and even cried on Saturday night because I didn't like what my DH had cooked for dinner (bit ridiculous!)! This morning I was convinced that AF had arrived, because I had a couple of spots of dark blood on the tissue, so I sucked it up, stuffed some tampons in my bag, and headed to work... but i've had no blood since? I've had mild period pain type cramps on and off all day, but that's all? My temprature has been 37 degrees celcius all day, which my friend says is a good sign, as temperature apparently rises during implantation?

I really don't want to get my hopes up, but does anyone think that this could be it, and that I experienced an implantation bleed and implantation pain? I really don't know what to think or when to test again?! I think maybe I am clinging to a thread of hope that doesn't really exist?

Argh please help! I am sitting here in tears again (4th day in a row!!), so any comments would be really appreciated! Thank you in advance...sorry for sounding like such an emotional blubbergut! xx


  • Hey hunny just wanted to send you a virtual hug... when do you believe af to be due? If its now then personally I would test with a first response x
  • Hiya! image

    Firstly- don't worry! We all cling to the smallest bit of hope- i certainly do anyway lol!!

    Secondly- please please try not to stress! Its not good at all and could even prolong getting your BFP!

    My husband and I have been TTC 7months after i had my implant out in July last year- i've been stressing so much that i still haven't got my BFP... I get excited every month, imagine symptoms, pee on a stick everyday, etc etc.

    Something i noticed after my implant was removed was that my cycles were totally mad- i used to be regular as clockwork but now my cycles can change randomly (although now i think im regular (ish) again) One month i was 2 weeks late for AF and i convinced myself i was PG- then she showed and i was devasted...

    Being emotional is definitely a good sign!! Have you monitored your temps on a chart? I'm normally 37degrees so unless you have been charting them that could be a normal temp for you too? IYKWIM... Temperature does stay high when pregnant so that is a good sign too image Mild cramps/spotting can be a sign of implantation which can happen between 6-12dpo (i think) and can last around 4(ish)days... so fingers are crossed that you're having implantation! I'm 14dpo (due AF today) and had my 100th BFN- it is so frustrating when you feel like you're doing everything and nothing seems to be happening!

    I would suggest waiting as long as you can until testing again, in the mean time, relax as much as you possibly can (i know its easier said than done).. I really hope you get your BFP very very soon!! Lots and lots of ~***baby dust***~ to you xxx

  • Thank you for the virtual hug! Well based on the fact that before my squiffy cycle last month, my cycles were 33/34 days, I was expecting AF on Thursday last week, but I guess that if I ovulated later than I thought, then that may mean that my AF wasn't due then at all? Before I had my implant 3 years ago, my periods were pretty all over the place, and I never really had an average cycle length, so maybe i've reverted to periods like I had then? I am worried about doing another test so soon after sunday, because I got a negative result then? Argh, it's all so hard! Maybe I should wait until Wednesday and do a CBD? x

  • Hello, I'm sorry your feeling so crap. Do you know when you ovulated? If so wait a min of 12 days before testing. If this month is not your month I would suggest you start temping once a day only as soon as you wake up and use fertility friend to chart. You could also use ovulation kits to help you and agnus castus helps regulate your af. We all feel like this from time to time. I am hoping.g your emotions are a good sign of a shy bfp for you. Go easy on yourself Nd have a good cry when you need to x x
  • Thank you Sophie_Zaki! It's good to speak to someone else who is trying to TTC after an implant!

    I haven't been charting temp, I got the thermometer yesterday as that was my plan for next month! Yesterday my temp was 36.5, and today it is 37, but as I don't know what it is usually, as you say, it is pretty hard to work out if that means anything!

    I stupidly thought that because we are young (Me 25 and DH 29) that the road to a BFP would be a short one, especially considering most of my friends got theirs after only a month or so image

    I really hope you get your BFP soon too, it's a good sign if AF was due today and hasn't arrived yet? I am so hopeful that I am experiencing implantation, it would be an amazing Christmas present!

    I'm going to hold out testing for as long as possible, I am such a serial tested, and I can't cope with seeing another BFN!

    Fingers crossed for you image xx

  • Thanks Blue_star image

    Unfortunately I don't know when I ovulated, as I ditched the OV sticks this month as they weren't working for me. Temp charting is my plan for next month if AF arrives this month! My friend temp charted this month and she got her BFP on Thursday!

    Might try agnus castus too, I am fed up with having silly cycles!

    Fingers crossed for BFPs for everyone image xx

  • hi cm87, i had irregular cycles whilst ttc like you - anything from 4-8 weeks, i used cbfm as i never knew when to use opks. Its not ideal for people with >6 week cycle but as long as your cycle is less than that it will pick up when you ovulate - peeing on sticks everyday is worth it for this knowledge - then you know you're bding on the right days and also testing at the right time - it removes the am i/aren't i uncertainty which i couldnt stand! We had success after 5 months - 3 ovulations - and i knew i made the most of every opportunity. also the month we conceived i'd started agnus castus, although i think this was probably coincidental as it was a very long cycle. clearblue monitors are pricey but can get second hand on ebay, and then you have it for if you have more children. Good luck! x

  • Hi CM87. I have always had irregular long cycles and had implant out in Jan. We age trying for #3. I use opks and last month I started using agnus castus in liquid form. I've never had anything near normal cycle length, but last month I had a 31 day cycle!! I can only put it down to the ac. I'm also using a cbfm. The first month worked perfectly, but last month it missed my ov. So I'm giving it one more shot this month to see if it works and backing up with cheapie opks as they've always picked up my ov. Don't think I'd ever have conceived my first 2 boys without opks with my wacky cycles!! Hope you find out where you are in your cycle and get a bfp soon! X
  • Thanks for all of your support everyone, it's really nice to  talk to people who know what this rollercoaster is like!

    Big news......I GOT MY BFP! I got home from work and was just too tempted by the tests in the basket in the bathroom, so I did one, and I got my little pink line! I am so over the moon! So I guess it was an implantation bleed and that I was experiencing implantation pain. I'm a bit concerned because i'm still experiencing mild period pain type pains, but I'm hoping that's just everything settling? Argh, so excited! Christmas baby! xx

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