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Best Time to use OPKS??

Although we are trying dtd every day this month to see if that works, i have decided to do opks as well just out of interest to see if I get a positive. I have started today with some cheapies I have left (CD8- negative) and I have 4 clear blue left from last month so when i get nearer to when i "think" i ov ie cd15 i ll use them.Anyway im just wondering when is the best time to test, I know it says not after a drink , i m sure i heard to do later in day as hormones build up by then but back in feb when i got a smiley face on cbd opk, I tested at 7am and got the smiley, so is it best to use the first wee of the day?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks girls , baby dust to all XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxxx


  • Hi mummy060409

    With the cheapies it is recommended that you do them in the afternoon as the lh build through the day. It is not generally strongest in the FMU. The CB can be done in the morning but they wil be picking up a surge which began the afternoon before - still plenty of time though. 

    I started doing opks in the morning but ended doing 2  a day - I know utter madness. If you do that you shouldnt miss it but would suggest use cheapies so you dont break the bank. When you think you have your surge use the same sample of wee and do a cb to confirm. Good luck x x

  • Thanks bluestar , i ll give it a go .how are you feeling ? X
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