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Feeling really down

I am feeling really tearful today.  I had a mc at 5 weeks in March (cycle 3) and my AF for April (cycle 4)  is due any day now.  I did a speculative test yesterday and got a BFN which was not a suprise (didn't have any of the symptoms I had when I got my previous BFP). 

I thought that I had managed to move on, but these last two days it has all come flooding back to me.  I am just so scared that I will never get another BFP. 


  • Didn't want to read and run - I don't fully understand how you feel as I haven't been through the pain of a mc however I'm sure it is an emotional time with a heightened desire to get that BFP back. It is still early days after your mc so don't beat yourself up that you thought you had moved on.

    I'm sure the BFP will be back - positive thoughts to you x

  • hi fridaybride so sorry your not feeling good i so know how you feel when i had my mc in april 2010 i thought id never get that bfp but please dont give up hope i caught with my son 8 weeks later after my mc so it can happen sending you lots of

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