Can agnus castus kick start ovulation?

Hi there ladies,

I am wondering if anyone has used agnus castus to help bring on ovulation?

I came off the pill at the beginning of the year and haven't had an AF since. I'm guessing no af means I am not ovulating? Been to the docs but he just says I got to wait and there's nothing to speed things up and get my body ovulating again. 

Has anyone tried this herbal remedy or knows of anything else that can help get my body back to normal? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hiya

    yes i used it first time round when trying for my daughter.

    After coming off the pill i had very long cycles. It helped shorten my cycles from 90+ days down to in the 30's. We started trying again in jan and i have started taking it this cycle to see if it helps me ovulate sooner, last month i ov'd on CD20. it is herbal so maybe give it a go. you should only take it up to ovulation though so maybe get some ov sticks. image


  • Hi there.

    I had very irregular cycles that ranged from 32 days to 90 odd days. I started taking Agnus Castus last cycle and it was just 27 days! I've cut down and think this cycle will be about 32 days.

    I fully recommend it!

    Good luck xxx

  • Thank you for replying, worth a go then I guess because at the moment nothing is happening! xx

  • Hi, me and my partern are planning a to start trying in January next year, I have PCOS. Does anyone know if Agnus Castus might help me ovulate?

  • Hi

    Everyone... just want to say and ask. I been taken AC for about three weeks now. And my cylcle is just 28 to 30 days. And I had a really sencetive nipple for the last couple weeks and today just went and I am now two days late on my period.. I think AC misses up my cycle or im prgt ?.. I cant take pregnacy test yet cos I think its to early.. what u all recond to all ac users

    Hope to hear an advice from u guys..

    Thanks image
  • Hi everyone... just want ask. Ive been trying for a baby with my partner for 7 months n nothing happening. My cycle is 30 days. Went to see doctor, has had 2 blood tests n from the results i found out that im not ovulating so thats why i cant get pregnant. Read about angus castus or evening primrose oil. Are they good, would they help to get pregnant??

    Thanx image

  • My husband and i tried to concieve for 13 months with no luck, my cycles varied from 24 -35 days witha short luteal phase. I started taking agnus castus and within 3 months my cycles had reguated, my luteal phase was longer (also taking high does 100mg/day vit B6) and i became pregnant. Sadly i had a mc at 8 weeks but i truly believe i wouldn't have got that far if it wasn't for Agnus castus and B6, i have just started taking them again so fingers crossed!!! 

  • I think highly of it! Ha perfect cycle before pill, came off and I've had a 47 day cycle and 87 day cycle. From first day of period this month I took them and I ovd on CD 18. I'm in the tww but I swear it was them. Husband doesn't think so but I'm convinced! 

  • hi i was on the depo injection in november came off febuary and didnt go for another shot as trying to concieve,, periods came bak same month i didnt go 4 the 2nd injection and they have been 26/28 days every month but not gettn pregnaant?? going crazy this is making me depressed some1 help?

  • I was on depo for almost 7 years and i toom me almost 2 years to fall pregnant with my boy who is now 11 months old, but iv only got 1 ovary and tube so would take me a bit longer xx

  • is it worth taking? i was on injection for 2 years been off since april this year &stil no period. did ovaulting tests every day and all neg image

  • Hi all, 

    I was looking to try and conceive from October 2013 onwards and so decided to make a visit to the doctors to check my health. I have always had irregular periods (ranging from 32-47 days) and after some blood tests, the reason for that was said to be high levels of prolactin (as some of you may know high levels of prolcatin lead to a hormone imbalance and can stop you ovulating). I was sent for a MRI scan which came back clear, thankfully and have since been advised to get follow-up blood tests which are due this week.

    Myself and my fiance decided that in light of this we would stop trying to prevent a pregnancy and see how we went on.

    After reading numerous forums we came across agnus castus. Prior to taking it in July I bought ovulation sticks to see if I was ovulating and nothing was detected. On the first day of my cycle (29th of July) I commenced taking agnus castus and on the 14th of August had peak fertility, woo hoo!! So compared to last month this is already a positive.   

    I will keep you posted on any progress, but for now I am happy to think things are moving forward. 


  • Hey everyone, I'm not sure whether to try this, I stopped cerezzete 4 and a half weeks ago, no bleeding at all, no symptoms other than tiredness, tried ovulation strips but no positives yet, what do you think??
  • Hi Gillian,

    I too have high prolactin however, my periods are pretty regular. Im not sure if im ovulating or not as I havent tested (i just assumed i was as I have had no problems with my periods).  Wondering if I should start taking to help bring down my prolactin levels.  Im not liking the other symptoms such as breast leaking, hormonal imbalance (emotions are everywhere!). I also have high estrogen which i think may be another symptom of high prolaction. Or is it the other way around????


    LVM x

  • Agnus castus worked for me after stopping the depo injection,i took 2 capsules eachday for 1 month and my cycles went back to normal and i also started ovulationg.I recommend Agnus castus.
  • I have had hyperprolactinaemia for 20 years. I have. 14 yr old and never fell pregnant again. My partner and I decided to try but it has been a bot of a battle. I could not get my prolactin below 1000. Agnus castus for 2 weeks at beginning of cycle and I was pregnant!! Unfortunately I mc. But I have waited a few months and been taking them spot on each day with evening primrose, I have ovulated today!, so I am hoping.... And on the 2ww

  • I've just come off the pill and it's been said I have pcos

    Desperate in start trying for a baby in the next year so just brought my first pot and hoping it works!
  • I had to respond to this thread because it made me use Agnus Castus. We had been TTC for over a year (I've just turned 38), and no luck. We were about to turn to IVF. I have long cycles - up to 40 days. The first month I took AC, my period shortened by a week.

    The second month, my ovulation seemed different, all out of whack, and then late. Then no period. I was getting so frustrated, even longer than my 40 days. Then I started to get worried, thinking the AC had completely ruined my long, but regular cycle.

    Blow me if I wasn't pregnant. I'm 8 weeks along, still nervous as hell. But even if things don't work out, it's my first pregnancy and it does feel like a bit of a miracle. so I came here to say, I got pregnant within a month of taking it. If you have long cycles, it's really worth a shot. I noticed no negative side effects, and it did seem to help with PMT. It might not be for everyone, but you can always stop taking it.

  • Hi zweck, what a wonderful and inspiring post - thank you for putting it out there.

    What's your due date? If it's December, you might want to meet some other ladies due the same time as you. Please feel free to check it out.

  • Hi can any one recommend me anything that would make me ovulate. I have been trying for a baby since October 2013 not any luck at the moment. Hope to hear from you 

    kind regards 


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