bleeding after positive pregnancy test?

Hello ladies, I see this forum is a lot busier than others so hope you dont mind me joining! just wanted to find out if anyone's had the same thing and what the outcome was! I'll try make this as short as possible, in the beginning of march I had a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks, the baby only developed to 8. I went on to miscarriage naturrally and stopped bleeding after 4 weeks. Last Wednesday I decided to take a test (not sure when AF due) but I was going out at the weekend for a friends birthday so wanted to make sure. Well it was a faint positive (i know its not hormones from mmc as i had them checked), I retested Thursday morning and the line was clearer. Then Friday I had some light bleeding, I tested again saturday and got a clear positive, Then I started bleeding again. Then I tested Sunday and got another positive, then started bleeding again. The bleeding seems to have become abit heavier, more then spotting but not like a normal AF (also havent noticed any clots). I spoke to a friend (who is a midwife) and she told me it could be a early miscarriage, or just bleeding, which is apparently common. I just wanted to see if anyone here has had bleeding this early and what the result was? Be completely honest with me! I'm just very confused, thank you in advance! Xxxxxx


  • Hi hun, I'm so sorry about your mc. I had bleeding after I found out I was having my son in 08 and during the pregnancy and went to 38/4 and he was born a helthy 10lb1. I hope your ok and you have a sticky x
  • I had the same a week after a positive test I had heavy bleeding! Including some clots - and all was fine. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you x
  • Thank you both! But I'm not holding out much hope image bleedings really heavy and has been going non stop since Sunday! I'll do another test once the bleeding stops and keep you updated xxxxx
  • Oh ProudMummy, how upsetting for you.  Bleeding doesn't always mean the worst, it is actually highly common for women to bleed during pregnancy as ligaments & muscles adjust with the uterus moving position.

    I did bleed throughout my 1st trimester with DD2, almost like a light period for 15wks, with MW/GP telling me all was fine but I still worried until it stopped & was replaced by baby moving instead.

    Rest as much as you can to help slow the bleeding, try not to lift anything too heavy (15lbs should be your limit ideally though not always possible).  Bleeding in pregnancy can occur due to several reasons - miscarriage, cervical erosion, low lying placenta, ligament/muscles straining, adjustments to the womb lining following implantation.

    Take things easy, whatever happens you have friends & support here.  Best wishes.

  • Im in a similar situation however I have been through 7 traumatic miscarriages in the past 2 years trying for our first child.


    Last Saturday I decided to do a HPT as my period was missing for 3 days.
    It came back POSITIVE.

    However that evening i noticed some pink on the tissue when i wiped, i thought its probably implantation bleeding.

    Sunday morning I woke up and found that it had turned to a dark red/brown when i wiped (only visible when wiping). No cramps or pain so in my mind it was probably still implantation bleeding.

    Sunday night the dark red/brown turned to bright red and clotty when wiping. At this point there still was no pain or cramps and it was only when wiping still.

    4 days later I am still passing very little amounts of old brown/dark blood when wiping and I did a pregnancy test a couple days ago (my last one) which came up still positive however it was very faint.

    Im waiting for some new pregnancy tests to arrive in the next couple days so I can do another as soon as they arrive.


    Anyone else have similar symptoms and go on to have a successfully healthy pregnancy?

  • hi i was 5days late on my oeriod on tesday so i did 2 digital tests both was positive so went and brought a clear blue digital that also was positive dateing me at 3-4wks later that day i started to lightly bleed so wednesday morrning i went to the hospital with bleeding of witch was like a light period they done a urine test and that was also psitive and sent me home saying everything was ok later on friday night i went back to the A&E and they did a nother urine test and a blood test witch they came up negative now the bleedings stoped now im confused im booked in t have a scan done wednesday anyway so im still ging to go to see if i can get some answers but was woundering if any1 could help me on here PLEASE ITS DRIVEING ME CRAZY image

  • my fiance and i have been ttc for about four months now. he always gets devastated wen i get my periodsimage but this month before my period i had a light positive but then the next day which is today i have a bleeding its sorta pink red he is so excited about the positive how do i tell him im bleeding and do i wait to c how long it lasts? im not having any cramps oh i forgot to add that the bleeding started one day before my period is due and last month it was 2 days early

  • i have been ttc for 15 months now and had a cm last november and a 6 week miscarriage   in july, 4 days ago i did test 4 days befor due on and got a faint possitive and again today got a positive but at the moment i have cramps and some spoting,,,i think its another cm happening to me but only time will tell image

  • hey I did a pregnancy test 5 days ago and it was positive, today late this afternoon i went to the toilet and noticed icky blood when i wiped, imediately i satrted crying and called out to my partner to comfort me, im unsure if im still prgnant or ifmaybe the test was wrong?,iv got a doctors appointment still sceduled for friday.. im soo lost at the moment and really dont no what to do or say...   can anyone help me or share some advise....

  • im in the same situation, AF was due Fri took a test fri afternoon came back positive. we were over the moon (ttc 2yrs), since then I have done around 8 tests each with a feint positive....went to the toilet about an hour ago and had started bleeding a dark colour....really upset and confused image

  • On 13 Nov i had positive pregnancy test at the clinic but after one week i started bleeding and its quite heavy like period so i am very confused on whether i am still pregnant or not. Any advice please.

  • How's the bleeding now Hun? Is everything ok?? Xx
  • Hello! I started this post last year and just wanted to share my story with you! Unfortunatly this pregnany ended early, and the bleeding just got heavier! However i fell again very quickly and again had some bleeding! This time everything was fine, i had a early scan and they could not find a reason behind it and told me to relax, i am now 34 weeks pregnant and eveyrything is all healthy! Just want you to know that although bleeding is a sign of miscarriage it is also much more common then you think! Baby dust to you all xxxxxx
  • Thank you for sharing this ProudMummy. I am currently going through my 2nd cm so and this has given me some hope. Xx
  • I also go a faint positive, then next day started bleeding. had cramping clots and tissue. but it didnt seem like af and just getting lighter. so weird and confused. have one more test and considering taking it just to see. I pretty much had thought I had a cp or whatever you want to call it. so guess hope to find out soon. thanks for your posts.

  • ProudMummy - thank you for sharing also. I'm having bleeds just now that are "hopefully" not a bad sign for this little bean....I hope that I get to 34 weeks, that would be a goal for me indeed.

    good luck with your impending arrival.

    Ann-Marie x

  • Im hoping for the best for all of you! Bleeding at any stage of pregnancy is the scariest thing possible, after 3 miscariages i was so sure that the same was happening again but its soo true that all pregnancys are different! However bleeding should always be checked so pleaase dont leave it! My fingers are crossed for you all xxxx
  • I've been checked out - this is now the waiting game for me.  signed off work for the week and told just to take it easy.  My first baby was preterm at 28w + 2, and sadly didnt make it so this time round I'm so nervous.  This bleed has scared me no end and hope that it's not like this the full way through my pg or it may send me over the edge!image

  • I too had a positive test today, and then since there are walk in blood tests (military) at our hospital I did so, and it was negative. I am 11 dpo AF due next week. I started cramping and having a light light flow today. Not clotty at all really, but very light, for me. Normally it is BAM in your face the witch is here... I am hoping this wasn't a chemical p. Just going to take it easy and see what happens. I don't know what type of blood test they did, or the numbers, I didn't know to ask till I got home and researched it. Wish I had done so before I had left the house! Flee24 what was your result? baby dust to all

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