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Anovulatory cycles - could these be related to the fact i breastfed for a longi

We have been not trying not preventing for a while and have noe been actively trying for two months (what this basically means is trying but not using ov sticks or other paraphernalia). The last two months i have been using ov sticks,cheapies last month and cbd this month but i never got a positive either month.Added to this,my cycles have been very irregular since i had my little girl-22 months approx ago.I breastfed for just over a year so thought they would get better after i stopped.They didn't and I was sent to the hospital for a few scans.I'm not sure what they were looking for but they said all was fine. Anyway now my cycle length has settled down but i still don't seem to be ovulating.I have been taking agnus castus for two months. I am worried that by breastfeeding so long I have messed something up. This month we used preseed, my mooncup and i have been taking a b vitamin supplement for approx 6 months. I suppose i am just wondering if anything similar has happened to anyone else or if anyone has any advice? Sorry if this is a bit rambly,AF arrived today and i am feeling a bit rubbish.


  • Huge hugs. I have no advice I'm afraid but I have similar fears. I gave up bf my daughter at 17 months on April 10th & my first AF since having her came on 7th May. I have 2 lumps in 1 boob & 1 in the other which doctor thinks are blocked milk ducts - if they are not gone in 3 weeks I've got to go back (6 weeks in total). I can still see a little milk in my nipples & if I squeezed it would come out. I wonder if my prolactin levels haven't dropped enough as a result. I didn't ov test this month but will do next month. My AF is due on Monday. I've felt nauseous this month but I was the same a for a week at a few times since February which I thought might be hormones?? Could you ask your doctors to test your prolactin? My friend was on the pill before ds & didn't realise for a number of months afterwards that she wasn't ovulating due to her prolactin levels - she was given tablets to suppress it & she conceived.x
  • Thanks Ali!Yes that sounds like it could be the case with me.I can still produce a little milk as well,not that i try,but i know it's there.Think i will make an apointment and see if i can get them to do that test.Problem is my doctor isn't the best and has a tendency to be a bit 'go away silly woman' about everything.

    Hope it works out for you,look forward to seeing a bfp from you on here soon!x
  • I stopped breastfeeding / expressing around the middle of February (after 9 months) and for my first AF 29 April. Since then I've had weeks of ewcm and a bit of spotting but I don't think I've ovd and I've tested but bfn. I think it just takes a while for the hormones to all settle back down. Very frustrating when TTC!
  • I have had ewcm and spotting too but the weird thing is im now on a pretty regular 28/29 day cycle just no positive opks.Periods are normal apart from the spotting and the fact i get totally horrendous pms each month-way worse than ever before.

    Any idea if that would be a sign of prolactin levels?

    It's so depressing,sort of thinking that you're ttc but at the same point knowing that you can't get a bfp because you aren't ov'ing.Doing my head in!!
  • If you're regularly getting 28/29 day cycles is have thought you are oving. Have you tried tracking bbt? It's more accurate than ov sticks x
  • I tried that when we were trying for my little girl but i never got the hang of it.Plus now with my little toddler im out of bed several times a night frequently (not currently a great sleeper) so i don't know if it would work then?

    Do you do bbt?Any tips?

  • Yes it's tricky when you're up and down. I still find I can see a pattern even if I don't 'stick to the rules'. I think I've literally just ovd, over the last week temp has ranged from 35.9 to 36.5 but today was 37.5 and ive been having loads if ewcm so it ties in. I'll track a few more days to see if it stays high. If so I'll not keep tracking and just wait for 2 weeks. I don't bother tracking the whole month. I found it helpful after I stopped bf theo too even when we weren't ttc as I had crazy long cycles then too and I hate that concern that Af might turn up unexpectedly any minute!
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