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Trying for num 3

No idea where to start but came of depo in April, no period yet but not preg. Not good with all abriviations, so forgive me but we want to start trying for number 3, we have a 4 year old girl a almost 2 year old, CHD heart warrior, my lil hero. 


Any advice appriciated. 

With Avril we concived by accident. 3 months down line, with Zander took over a year TTC :/image xxx


  • Hi Cassie, I am also ttc no 3. I have a little boy, Theo who's just turned 3. My second little boy, Owen, would be coming up for 13 months but he passed away in April. He also had CHD, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy as he had LEOPARD Syndrome.

    I can help you out with lingo etc, with Theo it took 7 months so was on this forum a lot then but Owen was planned but took unprotected sex just (DTD or BD) once! I have only had one period (AF) since I had Owen at the end of April and I'm definitely not pregnant so I'm also waiting for my cycles to sort themselves out.

    Good luck! Xxx

    Ps my sister is called Cassie and my husband is called Zander!!!
  • Hello, Thankyou for your reply. 

    I am so so sorry to hear of your loss with Owen. I hope he didn't have too many complications and suffer image. Hugs 

    Ooohh hopfully we will get out cycles started soon image, good luck to yourselfs too image. Wow Small world!!!!! 


  • Morning again, we Found out Monday we are expecting our third child x x

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