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Going to have a positive month!

I've woken up today feeling really positive! It's technically month 3 however the first two months were very casual "lets see what happens" months with no ov spotting or timing bd'ing as such.  

I'm cd7 today.  My last three cycles (since coming off the pill) have been 35 days, 26 days, 34 days.  So this month I'm gonna use opks and keep an eye on my cm.  

Here's to a great month for us all and some BFP's!!! image



  • I felt very negative after my ov time as i don't think we dtd enough, but the past few days i've been more positive and symptom spotting. I know i shouldn't but i've been exhausted the past few days, even though i'm getting lots of sleep, and i've had heartburn. Fingers crossed!! xxx

  • Tigerlily, don't write this month off just yet, the month I got my bpf with my ds we only dtd once! Fingers crossed x
  • glad you're feeling positive BettyBaby1978, let's hope this is your month!

    you too tigerlily13, when are you testing?

    I'm in the 2ww now but not sure if I even ov'd this month!

    good luck ladies xx

  • Well I think I'm 10dpo, af due today but not arrived yet. Got belly & back ache like I usually get so not too optimistic. Bizarrely I do feel a bit queasy this morning but so does my daughter so it's more than likely just a bug!

    With this only being my 2nd cycle after stopping the pill they may still be irregular so I'm not going to waste money on a test till next week I think!

    Hope we have some positive results this month!! X
  • I'm lttc but I'm now 9dpo and feeling a bit weird, ss like mad and I have a pma at the mo, due af in 3 days...I'm dying to test but I might as well wait lol xx
  • Excellent, lets hope we have some BPFs really soon.  I still feel very optimistic but get that occasional thud that tells me not to get too carried away as I know how dissappointing it is when it doesn't happen.  But hey pma can only help, right?  

    Good luck ladies, keep us updated! 



  • hushpuppy, how come af is due if you're only 10dpo? I hope af stays away for you!!

    I've had really sore bbs for the last couple of days, I went to the gym yesterday and couldn't manage to run on the treadmill!  cd23 today so prob another week to go yet before af is due!

    yes, lets have some BFP's!!! good luck ladies, keep positive!image xx 



  • Carioke - knew I wasn't very good at all this!! Yesterday was cd28 so I presumed that's when my af was due! Due to cm I think I ov'd on 4th July. Is there always 14 days between ov and af?

    Can you tell I'm a newbie?!!
  • I think the luteal phase can be anything from 10-15 days, I always come on 14 days after I think I've ovulated. I presumed that you ovulate when the cm dries up but everyone's different!

    I still get confused and we've been ttc for 10 months now!! 

    good luck xx


  • So, I'm officially in the dreaded 2ww.  My cheery disposition has waned somewhat, I didn't get a smiley face with the clearblue digital ovulation sticks at all and I tested over ten days.  I have read some reviews that some people don't get smileys even on months when they got a bfp so they clearly ovulated. I had ewcm and pains so I'm hoping I did and I guess I just have to wait now and see what happens ......

  • Hi BettyBaby, fingers crossed for you! With my first baby I used ov sticks all the time. Never once got a positive result, yet he still made his way to us, so try not to worry about that.


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