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Dont think I Ov'd this month :(

I really dont think I have OV'd this month image Im usually pretty regular and like clockwork. I ov around day 13 or 14 every month and have a 27/28 day cycle.

This month I havent noticed any symptoms of OV which I normally notice even when not TTC but this month I just havent felt like I did. We are only on our 2nd month of ttc and not using ov sticks or anything (yet) just going off how I feel cos Im pretty in tune with knowing my body.

Suppose Im not really looking for answers just needed to rant. Weve been very busy as my DD is in her last few days of reception and Ive been helping out there, then my best friend got married this weekend just gone and my in laws have been here a lot... so fingers crossed I have just missed the symptoms we have BD wherever possible so fingers crossed its just me worrying for nothing and my BFP is waiting for me image x


  • Hi Mycookiemonsters,

    I have the same cycle pattern as you and I was the same this month thought I hadn't ov'd & I use the CB ov sticks, so when i wasn't getting my usual smiley face on cd 12 or 13 or 14 and none of my usual syptoms, so panic set in but then decided to do an extra test on cd15 @ 11pm and there was the smiley. So even though you think you might be out of the running it could be delayed or your usual symptoms were silent this month.

    Good luck hun, just keep bd'ing anyway, thats what we did! hehe xxx

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