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Will i get away with being 12 weeks pg in this dress?

Hi all,

I'm so broody! We have alittle girl who is nearly 16 months old and we're getting married in January. I'm hoping to start ttc before then and just be in the early stages of pregnancy by then. I keep trying to bring it earlier and i'm thinking if i start ttc October then i could be 12 weeks pregnant by my wedding. Good points: I'll likely have had my scan and all would be ok (I had an mc when ttc dd1 so that's a biggie for me), I like the idea of announcing it on our wedding day image, I like the idea of baby being around when we get married, Summer baby! The negatives; do not want to look a heifer in my dress! That is my one and only concern.

DD1 was 10lb, so I may have a biggie, but i weren't that big at 12 weeks last time. I'm thinking the dress covers the lower abdomen quite well and i'm fairly slim anyway... What do you think?...

Ok so it won't let me upload! It's Ronald Joyce Padova if you can google! xx


  • Hi, How can i put this with out offending you?? I think your getting abit ahead of yourself, you cant expect to just get pregnant so easily, it dosnt happen like that as you should know. I think you should not worry about any of that stuff and just hope for the best and not worry about being a 'heiffer' on your wedding day.

    Some of us would just be happy to concive there first child

    Good luck and just calm down and be happy if and when it happens lol image xxxx

  • Alls i'll say to that is I've done the whole ttc thing before, even after a mc. I know the trials and tribulations, the ups and downs, smiles and tears believe me! I just want to know if it would be possible to hide a bump in the dress.


  • Hi sharn I was 17 weeks when we got married, I brought my dress before my bfp so had to have it taken out about 2 weeks b4 the wedding but it looked fine. Good luck for your wedding and bfp x
  • Alas it will all come down to the style of the dress & the individual pregnancy.

    With DD1 I was showing by 6wks into term (she was 9lbs when born)

    DD2 I lost a dress size during my 1st trimester & didn't have a showing bump until 13wks into term (she was 7lbs 12 when born).

    If you are planning TTC before your wedding an Empire styled dress will best flatter any bumps.  Any other style dress you may need to take out (which is not as easy as taking it in).

  • Having googled Ronald Joyce Padova - you'd need to be very early into pregnancy with virtually no bump to pull it off (i.e. no more than 8wks) because it is an A line dress so emphasises your waist line.

  • Hi sharn,

    I'm getting married at the very start of November and my oh and I have debated starting ttc in august or september. We ttc last year without success and stopped as we were getting close to our wedding.

    I've been off my pill for a year and have had my pregnacare tablets in my kitchen drawer since then. I'm broody just looking at them!

    Although I really don't expect to get a bfp quickly this time around there is always that what if in the back of your mind isn't there?!

    But we've decided just to go for it and what will be will be.

    Good luck with the wedding planning and ttc

  • Thanks all! I really don't wanna be too big in my dress so guess we'll wait till Nov, then I can be no more than 8weeks on my wedding day! It's so hard to wait when you're so broody! Xx
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