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hi everyone :)

Hi i would just like to introduce myself as we are ttc number 3!  I already have boys of 9 1/2 and 2 1/2 and we have just decided to try for number 3 and have only stopped the pill 2 days ago so very early days!


  • Hi babypie, good luck with you journey. Hope your stay is short and sweet for all the best reasons xx
  • Hi Baby pie goods luck on ur ttc journey I hope ur stay here in short and sweet... we are also ttc number 3 image x

  • Hello Babypie, all the best with no 3, I am back ttc no 2 so very excited. Do you have a preference of boy or girl??x

  • I have no preference at all, to be honest i would be as happy with another boy as a girl.  What about yourself Apricotmoon?  Any preference and which do you already have?

  • Hello & welcome babypie!!   I also hope your stay is short and sweet!  Can I ask how the age gap was between your first 2 kids? My dd is almost 5 and we are ttc no 2, I wasn't ready before now and we always said we wouldn't think about another until our first was at school. 



  • I think I would be very happy with either a boy or a girl, now that I have a girl as I always wanted one.x

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