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Where to turn ?


I need some help/advice here girls.

I got a BFP on friday CD32 of a possible 26-30 day cycle.Its now CD35 and I have bright red bleeding, and cramping so what I would have assumed as a late period if i had not got the 1-2 weeks pregnant on cbd on friday!

I had early mc/chemical in may and got faint positives last month too so I have no idea what and why this is happening.

So I have called the docs this morn to book an appt to discuss, get blood done or whatever they do next (ttc since Nov 11) and the male doc called me back and said they dont class it as a miscarriage before 8 weeks its an unviable pregnancy!He said call back if it happens a 3 rd time! I said i want to know more and he said to book an appointment with a female doc to discuss further!He is a really good doc and ive seen him lots for other stuff but im just not happy with his response this time. So ive just called back and they have given me the next routine appointment with a female doc which is a week today!

I know its very early (4+6) and there is nothing they can do to stop it happening but I feel like I don't know where to go and no one seems to want to help. Docs dont seem interested, i am guessing it is too early in preg to call EPU? , and I cant go to A and E as its not really an "emergency" ....i dont know im really confused anyone been through this who can help?





  • Hi mummy060409, you poor thing! Just awful the doctors about ttcing. They just palm you off. If I was you Hun I would call this number and have a proper chat with a professional. They really give you the time you need over the phone or you can even go see them too. They helped me the other day when my doctor wasnt very helpful. Good luck xxxx
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