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Progesterone cream for bringing on AF after long wait

Morning ladies, could really do with some advice... So I am on cd48 today, i have always been irregular before the mirena coil but had it out in April and the only type of af I have had is brown bleeding and very light. After reading into things a bit more i discovered that Progesterone cream applied twice a day can bring on af. I know i am not pregnant, got a million bfns. I thought i had ovulated on cd20 as my cbfm monitor said peak for two days and i got a positive opk, my chart seemed to indicate that too. But still waiting for af to come i decided to use the cream and hopefully get af like a lot of other ladies i have read did. So two days of using the cream i have had brown spotting both days, got mild cramps today, most girls say they had spotting too before it comes full fledged after around 4 days. So my questions are..has anyone on here tried to use the cream for bringing on af? did it work for them? or any ladies that can look at my chart and see if they think i ovulated or not would be really helpful too. Thank you ladies image
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